About Sya


I am Sya. And this is my stylebook. I welcome all of you to read this book I have written, as I begin the journey of marriage at 20. I started this blog on 17 February 2014, exactly one month from my wedding day. #syadhilwedding is my life journey.

My family and friends had asked me to help guide them in fashion. I am a law student, and we, students, are tired of overpriced and over the top clothes that you can find all over magazines and on the internet. I begin my journey in the fashion world, with the sole aim of helping girls out there to live within their means. Everyone wants to be beautiful. And everyone can be. I slip in some fashion tips in my look posts from time to time. So watch out for them!

I am a wife. I am a Law student, under scholarship. I am an intern under 1MDB-Yayasan Sime Darby. I am a talent from A Talent Academy. I am an ambassador for Sea-Citizen.com. I am 20. I am Sya.

I hope that this blog will benefit everyone in one way or another. Thank you for reading.