Sunday, 7 May 2017

Film JIBAM and Cantik Dara; A Philanthropist Collaboration

Last week, I was invited to attend the signing of the MOU between the production company of the film JIBAM which is an adaptation of the work of well-known cartoonist, Ujang and Cantik Dara which is a health and beauty production company. The signing of the MOU was done at the famed restaurant Rebung by Chef Ismail.

The film is directed by Che Mie with screenwriter Asmira Suhadis. Members of the cast include Esma Daniel, Fadlan Hazim, Mia Ahmad, Kamarool Yusof, Kazar, A. Galak, Zaidi Omar and Bohari Ohmad, with Mohd Arif Abdullah in the lead role.

At the event, actress Ruhainies was announced as the face of Cantik Dara.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Alternative solutions: Gula-Gula Magic (GGM) and Jus D'Ria

Recently, I was invited to attend a bloggers meet up for a sharing session with Mediherba Solutions. The managing director Puan Rohasniza Rosli, also known as Yaya Rosly, the fashion designer, explained in her speech that she was motivated to create these two products named Gula-Gula Magic (GGM) and Jus D'Ria due to a few reasons. Her creation of GGM is aimed to help women to overcome period pain, irregular period and at the same time helps to promote skin clarity without selling on the word 'collagen' because GGM does not contain collagen like many other supplements. As for Jus D'Ria, it was meant for her son who suffers eczema since baby. Her determination to find an alternative cure for her son was fruitful when Jus D'Ria emerged as a solution that is able to help treat eczema, sinus and asthma.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Not Every New Beginning is Meant to Last Forever

I think I have said this multiple times. 'Hope' and 'Faith' are the two things that I truly hold on to to get through the days. So here I am in Terengganu, looking for them. I am not in London at the moment. The flight ticket you saw on my Insta-story was my brother's. Haha.

Now, I want to ask you. How are you doing today?

No. I am not greeting you.

I really want you to think about how you're doing today.

Good? Terrible? I want to know.