Thursday, 23 February 2017

Fifty Shades Lighter on the Streets of London

Some dance to remember.

But I remember dancing to forget.

To forget the daydreams.

Little scenes of you and me.

#travelwithsya #stylebysya

On the peak of the high ground:
Where all this while,
we stood,
for the lights,
flickering in the night.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Luncheon with my Darlings at The Shard, London

I'm still in London at the moment and am so inspired by the love we had at the lunch table that I just HAVE to blog about it.

After the bloggers brunch meet up (which I will blog about later), Elffie had already made reservations for us at Oblix, The Shard. But since Anisah @ Pink Durian was late to brunch due to many misfortunate events and did not get to eat then, I asked her to join us. Because I absolutely missed her and wanted more time with her. So, like literally as we walked out of brunch, I turned to her and asked her to join the lunch. Poor Elffie! He had to make amendments to his reservations. I'm so lucky they had space.

So after dropping my SIL off at the dUCk event, we headed for The Shard. Nad was already there enjoying the view while waiting for us slow-pokes. Traffic okay! Haha.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

And I will always wonder if you ever are where you want to be?

In life, there's ups and downs. Don't forget anything, but learn from them. I faced a lot of things this year. But nothing can faze me. And I hope that the same applies to all of you. Keep strong, and face the new year head on.

I know it's already more than halfway through January but I would like to wish all of you a happy new year anyway.

So, Happy New Year!

We should really reflect on the year before we set out goals for the next.

So what are your goals this year?

For me, I really don't want to set anything too farfetched. I just want to be a better person in every way that I can. Improving how I was.

2016 was a magnificent year for me. I graduated and travelled like never before. I also started working. And throughout the year, I learnt so much about life, loss, love and hurt. I was reminded constantly about the decisions I've made, going back on them and changing my mind all over again.


I think we all wonder at one point in our lives 'What if?' and 'How did that happen?' and I can honestly tell you that I have been searching for the answer for so long. And all I have to say is this...

I'm looking at the world;

The world I am in and what it has become.

And the world as it was and whatever of it that remains.


The world keeps on changing.

And I will always wonder if you ever are where you want to be.