About Sya


I am Syahira Zakaria. I started this blog exactly one month from my wedding day in 2014 tackling life as a fashion influencer, law student and a married woman.

Little did I know, I would grow into something completely different from where I started and this blog has acted as a journal for my journey.

I am a PR professional with an LLB. I am also an experienced lifestyle blogger (on this very blog) & fashion influencer with a demonstrated history of working in the fashion industry. I left the fashion industry in 2019 for the corporate world (maybe I am a little crazy).

I enjoy developing integrated communications and marketing strategies in this ever-changing digital world. While currently working for a Corporate PR IR Agency as a consultant to public listed companies in corporate communications matters, I also delight in coming up with branding and social media marketing strategies in my off-time for businesses in various industries. My current portfolio includes #PlaywithMay child minder program, Panas Panas Theatre and Norwex.

You never know where life can bring you. I hope that this blog will benefit everyone in one way or another. Thank you for reading.