Raya Sydney: A Short Honeymoon (4 Days 3 Nights at RM3,000)


Eid Mubarak dear readers!

I know it's already Eid-ul-Adha but it's still Eid so it's not late, okay? Haha.

This Eid, the Husband and I decided to celebrate it in Australia as like a short getaway after working oh-so-hard. The reason we chose Australia is because this girl (a.k.a. me!) wanted a winter holiday. I actually wanted a ski holiday but getting on two planes for a trip is like so gigih. And honestly, we only had 6 days including travel because I was working on Friday. Employee award of the year please! Haha.

We looked at Sydney, Melbourne and Gold Coast but ended up choosing Sydney because that's one place we both haven't been. We studied about Sydney for like a day and got my mother to advice us on where to stay. My parents also went and told everyone and a few days before my flight, Auntie Sharina asked if I could deliver some food to Nazhif. Of course after everything his family has done for me, I would bend over backwards if I had to for them.

But I didn't have to because I arrived in Sydney, only to be greeted by Nazhif who came to pick us up with a car! He took it on himself to be our personal tour guide on days he didn't have classes (which was everyday except Monday).

Me taking Nazhif's Eid OOTD
 Here's a breakdown on our expenditure:


We booked with AirAsia Go because the package is easy and amazing.
RM5,000 for return flight and 3 nights stay (inclusive of 20kg baggage and F&B in-flight) which makes it RM2,500 per person.

As per usual, kindly note that I am not the backpacking type and we stayed at a 3-star hotel near Queen Victoria Building.


Since we were there during the last few days of Ramadhan, we only had one meal a day which was around AUD50 per meal for 3 persons. So that would be RM50 per person per meal. Also, we had free food during Eid because we went to Malaysia Hall for prayers and celebrations.

We only had about a meal a day for four days, so that is RM200 per person.


We didn't spend much on anything what with our guardian angel Nazhif driving us around. But we actually paid back for everything (and more) when we gave him duit raya. 😇

So that would be on their Opal Card and top up (which is amazing because you can use it for buses, trains and ferries), an Australian sim card and parking. I think we can total it up to AUD60 which makes it RM180 in total, so that would be RM60 per person.

We did spend on whale watching. It was AUD85 per person which makes it RM255 per person but it's so worth it!


We didn't plan on whale watching that day and I was wearing something really light for city weather and almost died of cold on the high seas. Such an idiot. But you can't see it through the photos, right? Because photos lie.


=RM3,015 per person.

To be honest, I've been to more than 20 countries throughout my lifetime (so far) and I would love to write about all the places I've been. Travelling is an amazing journey and lesson I think everyone should partake in. It doesn't have to be heading to any far away country. You can travel to your own country and see things that you've never thought you'd see too. And know that even within the border, with no need of a passport and immigration hassles, travel is still travel and we should always learn from everything around us.

For more photos, just head to my Facebook by clicking here.

With love,

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