HUAWEI G8: The Phone for Bloggers


I was in the middle of an event when my previous phone suddenly died. No, not the battery-life, but the phone itself! How was I to get a ride home as I had gotten the Husband do drop me off at the event instead of driving myself? 

As I believe that a phone is very important for a life of a blogger and law student, I went searching for a new phone immediately. 

It was then that I spotted the Huawei G8. 

HUAWEI G8 is Huawei' s mid-range flagship phone with the best photographing function and superior performance. With its price at RM 1,499 it is affordable for students like me and with all the amazing features it had, it was definitely a bargain! 

The G8’s body is made of 90% metal and precisely engineered using nanometer molding. Huawei G8’s screen has 2.5-D curved edges that creates 3D-like visual effects and provides improved scratch and impact-resistance.

What I loved about it the most was how good the camera is! In the ‘Makeup’ mode, the beautification technology allows for users to enhance images with various makeup styles and preview the effects in real time with a single touch. This came in handy especially on those days that you’re not wearing makeup but need a photo to document part of your day.

The beautification technology delivers more natural effects and a range of advanced beautifying functions, such as skimming, skin tone adjustment, and eye enhancing – perfect for those who love to take selfies! 

I am also in love with the ‘Good Food’ mode. I have been having a hard time taking photos of food as it never looks like the perfect photos I’ve seen people post on social media. I don’t have to worry any longer!

With a 13MP BSI lens rear-facing camera with F2.0 aperture, 28 mm wide-angle lens, anti-vibration, RGBW sensors and a dedicated Image Signal Processor typically only found in professional DSLRs. As most of you know, I’ve only been using DSLRs for the past two years because of the quality of the photo. But I’ve always detested how bulky and heavy they are. But now, with the G8, I can have the same quality of a photo from a DSLR that is light and easily fits into my handbag!

Currently, fingerprint sensors are all the rage and the G8 improves fingerprint recognition speeds by 100%. With a touch of the fingerprint sensor at the back of the phone, you can also take pictures – which made wefies and selfies much easier! How amazing is that? It does not just takes photos but also pick up calls! 

How about battery life? This is the most important question for everyone isn’t it? The G8 is powered with a 3,000mAh battery. It lasts a very longtime! I used it in my recent trial to fully record a 2 and a half hours court proceeding and it only took 15% of the battery life! 

In 2003, Huawei Consumer BG ranked third in global smartphone shipments. In 2014, Huawei became the first mainland China brand to rank in Interbrand's Annual Top 100 Best Global Brands Report. I can definitely confirm that I have faith in this brand! 

Visit the HUAWEI G8 official website (click here) to find out more about the G8


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  8. The model characterizes mechanical progressions as ruinous components of development since authorizing needs increment and make it hard to clutch licensees.

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