| asymmetric | not identical on both sides of a central line


When Indah Ederra came to Malaysia for Asia Islamic Fashion Week 2017, I asked her if I can please have this AIRA ASYMMETRIC TOP because it spoke to me.

Yes, fashion speaks to me.

I'm such a weirdo.

I knew Indah through Jogja based fashion blogger, Lia Ardiatami. She was my date at Jakarta Fashion Week and brought me shopping right after. She introduced me to Ederra's brand and I immediately fell in love! I was so excited when Ederra herself contacted me to invite me to her show.

When we met up for tea after the show, she passed me this top as a gift! I was so happy I cried!

With Indah Ederra, Isna Nurita Sari, Ewindhasari, Sizzling Suzai, Maisyarah, Syuhada and Nononess

My love for asymmetrical tops started awhile back. When I was travelling the world (still travelling now), I was so inspired. I became much more versatile and edgy when I came back from Europe and then I started working in the fashion industry and fell in love with fashion even more.

It's all in the intricate details; I've said this before. The ruffles and the asymmetrical cuts remind me of life. You see, life isn't always easy. It's not simple.There's no straight line. There's never two lives that are identical.

There's never two sides of a story that are identical.

There are always two sides to a story:
     Your side.
          And what I had to go through.

And these parts are never really, truly, completely, the same.
There's always something that's different.

On this pages, I write of the untold story of what I've seen. Of what I've felt.

Like, I felt like your actions showed affection. Love, even.
But maybe you didn't see me like that at all.
And maybe we both have crushes on each other. But nothing more.
Or maybe the truth is that we've been in each other's arms.
But no one knows.
Nor would they believe it.

There's so many possibilities.
There's so many parts to a story.

On this pages, is my story.

Shawl: dUCkscarves
Nude slacks: H&M
Photographer: Syed Ahmad Safwan


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