The Jasyu Series: Birthday Staycation


Congratulations on your long call, @jasyu257 ! I know how important this morning was to you. And I'm so happy to have been able to be there to witness this momentous occasion for you just as you have always been there for me as well. Know that we'll always be here to support you no matter what it is no matter how crazy life becomes. Yay for you, darling!!!

Jasyu and I have been friends since the first day of school in Form 5 at Ipoh International School. She was the 'new Malay girl' taking my title (thank God!) and we hit off instantly! We always had lunch under the trees near the gate beside the field along with Dee, Nasyim, Miel and others. We went to prom together and we were late because her dress malfunctioned. Eat pizza some more! Haha.

Fast forward 7 years, here we are, law graduates living in Kuala Lumpur. It's like almost all my best friends from Ipoh decided to move to the big city and here we are, two cities together in one lifetime. I honestly am so blessed to have this darling girl in my life.

Last month, Jasyu went to New Zealand after working hard on her pupilage. So before she went, we had dinner because she spent her birthday there. But I planned a celebration for her with Mai for when she got home anyway. Because we can never see too much of each other. Haha. We gave her a list of venues to choose from like London and Paris  (read: Port Dickson and Malacca) and she chose freaking KL! *eyerolls please* 

"Let's have a staycation!"

So that's what we did.

She came to my place in the evening, and we picked Mai up from Mandarin Oriental to head to NU Sentral. The first item on our agenda was to play Breakout, an escape room game. This was my first time and man, we were TERRIBLE at it! It makes me wonder where did all our education go.

After, we headed for dinner at Jibril SS15 where we ordered like 5 drinks because we love pretending to be sipping cocktails. And we ended the night in CHAOS, a boutique hotel at Fahrenheit 88. We chose that hotel because its perfect for a night out. We could walk around Bukit Bintang and have a late night snack while enjoying the city. But of course, none of that happened. We checked in and fainted!

In the early morning, Mai woke all of us up to go for our morning walk (jungle trekking konon) at Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve also known as KL Forest Eco Park. It was a good walk because we're not fit and all the trails we went for were easy. We ended up topping up our burnt calories with roti canai because we're so YOLO.

After checking out, we walked a bit around Pavilion and when we saw all these gorgeous (but totally inappropriate) bikinis, we shot back to my apartment for an evening lounging by the pool and jacuzzi.

It was the best staycation I ever had with my darlings.


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