Faisal Ibrahim Turns 1


Faisal's birthday was last August but I've only found the time to blog about it all now. I know I'm such a terrible blogger! I'm not even gonna delve into the million reasons why I haven't been blogging so much. Please forgive me.

During Faisal's first birthday ever, we threw him a party! We rented the Pool Villa at our apartment which has a private pool that everyone was too shy to get into. Unfortunately, he wasn't feeling that well that day but he was super clingy to his Mama Sya. Yay me! Haha. If you follow my instagram you would know that I am totally obsessed with my nephew *cue the baby questions to me*. Haha.

We did a superhero themed party which was a lot of fun especially the cake which I ordered from Melur Cakes. Yasmin is so good. She can whip up anything and I gave her such little time to prepare too! Sorry, babe. You did amazing, though!

We also hired Md Alif as our photographer because we are so comfortable with him and he is so easy to work with. This is the sixth time I've had him as a photographer and I never have to edit his photos. They are taken wonderfully!

It wasn't just a birthday party. It was also a Majlis Doa Selamat for my parents who were headed to perform Hajj (their second time).

Family and friends gathered on such short notice for the birthday boy and his grandparents. It was a really sweet and fun occasion. I absolutely loved the not so little get together especially because my family members live all over the country (and one in Manchester). Even during this event, my sister and younger brother were both unable to attend as my sister was working that day and my brother is in Manchester. We missed you both, terribly!

I was telling Faisal to look at the book Auntie Penny and Auntie Reshween got him.
While my other nephew, Putra Elhan Isa was having the time of his life...
...this boy was clinging on to me for dear life!

Overall, it was an evening well spent! I felt so blessed as I got to see my family and close friends, in a simple celebration of life. Cherish the moments and live life when you have it. My family might not be as lucky as others that get to stay in the same house or even the same city as their families but it is this that makes us appreciate every second in which we are able to spend time together as we truly understand that family is an amazing and wonderful place to be; surrounded by love and support.

Oh, sorry, Faisal. Mama Sya nak OOTD kejap!

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