Injuries: One Month Down


Dear readers,

As you all may or may not know, I've always been one of the boys so when I play futsal, half the time I'm like the only girl. Which is where I got the scar on my face and most recently, the tailbone injury. During the first weekend of July 2022, which was after the most busy period of my life, I played futsal, fell down and hurt my tailbone really badly.

It was so bad, I had shortness of breath and lost sight for awhile due to extremely low blood pressure. So the Husband rushed me to the hospital where I got an x-ray and all that fun stuff. But here's the thing that really sucked: it hurt like hell and they couldn't do anything about it other than giving me painkillers.

A few days after the fall, I felt sharp pains in my tailbone like a grinding feeling and I said to myself, I really cannot go to work. And that was the day the doctor told me I should be on a one-month MC. I was honestly not happy as I am a workaholic. On top of that, I couldn't drive for a few weeks because I could barely sit down.

It's been a month since the injury and I am still recovering although I am so much better now. There's no bone grinding feeling just soreness. So YAY!

Here's to another month or so.



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