Think City, FAS & PadangBolaSepak Launches K2K Juara: Grassroots Sports Initiative Targetting Klang Valley Communities


Think City, the leading urban development consultancy and project delivery partner in Malaysia, together with its partner, the Football Association of Selangor (FAS) and (PBS) launched the Kita-Untuk-Kita (K2K) Juara initiative. I was the emcee for this launch.

The initiative will be organizing a series of grassroots sporting programs across 10 People Housing Project (PPR) in the Klang Valley throughout the remainder of 2024. K2K Juara aims to leverage the power of sports to create positive change within these communities. The program will provide opportunities for residents to participate in various sports activities, fostering personal and potentially professional growth, skill development, and a stronger sense of belonging. At the launch, representatives from the 10 PPRs were also present.

The comprehensive program offers a diverse range of opportunities aimed at holistic development and community engagement.

I am super excited about K2K Juara, albeit a bit shy because I'm the only female in the group. But my focus is on ensuring the programs run as smoothly as possible and I hope that a lot of kids would benefit from the initiative. The sports industry is more than just athletes and opening up people's minds about the ever-growing industry is something I am passionate about. 

You can reach out to me if you would like to get involved!

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