First, I have to apologise for the long hiatus. It is due to being in my final semester which is full of practical work. Also, I am in over my head taking a job as well. Can I do it all? We shall see.

This was actually on a double date with fellow blogger Serene from www.playfulandsnazzy.com and her boyfriend who is also one of my boys (if you follow me on Instagram you would know who 'my boys' are), Suhail. I saw this cool flower show thing on Facebook at immediately tagged Serene as I knew she loved these kind of amazing places as well.

On the final week of the event, Serene called me to drag all of us there. For which I am thankful as we had an amazing time at the event.

We arrived to this signboard, and found the whole place a mini recreation of the places. It was very cute! True to it's form, there were all kinds of flowers all over the place! The only problem we had was the scorching hot weather that Malaysia has to offer.

The event was actually to promote the developing housing area which was AMAZING AND GORGEOUS but it was almost an hour away from Kuala Lumpur and I just don't want to live so far from our workplace. I would have bought a place if it was like 15 minutes from KLCC.

The first city we went by was Shang Hai, followed by Paris, Amsterdam and London. As I am currently planning my graduation trip, I thought that it was perfect for practice photography! Haha.

I wore this print skirt from ZAZA RTW by Puan Sri Raja Noora Ashikin which are available on FashionValet and Twenty2 as well as on her instagram @rajanoora as well as at a physical boutique in Ipoh, Gondola 31. I paired it with a yellow chiffon cape top from Chantique Closet and Pari-Pari Shawl made by the lovely Hasanah Hilmi. And my shoes from Daphne @ Parkson KLCC. They are the most comfortable shoes ever!

Ok. Let's go! 

The 'Paris' Love Lock Bridge

All photos are by The Husband.


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