#travelwithsya : An F.A.Q.


Hi guys!

Right now, I am at the airport, waiting to board my flight to the UK. I am not kidding.

You might have noticed that I have been updating my blog consistently every Tuesday. So, yes. I have been keeping my promise to update the blog regularly. Even when I am at the airport!

You may or may not know, my youngest brother, Danial, is currently studying in Manchester University and this is our first time visiting him and he's already in his second year! But let's face it. He came back to Malaysia so many times this past one year. Tsk tsk.

Anyway, as I am about to go on what the Husband hopes to be my final travel for the year 2016, I decided to answer some questions that I've gotten from my readers and friends. And if you have a question for me, please feel free to comment here or on my Instagram or drop me an email at hi@stylebysya.com !

1. When is your favourite time to travel?

I absolutely LOVE to travel during winter! Because I love skiing and that is a winter sport. I haven't gone skiing in 2016 though. And it doesn't look like I will, either. Feeling super sad right now.

Besides my love for skiing, I like winter holidays because of the packing. Yes, the clothes are so much more bulky during winter because, hello, winter jackets! But, I travel so much lighter in winter compared to during summer. Because in summer, I'm bringing like a million clothes and shoes! Whereas in winter, I only ever wear my winter boots which is the most comfortable shoes I own!

2. How do you stand the cold on the alps in winter?

I've been asked this a few times, actually. Because I live in Malaysia which has only two seasons: Rain or scorching hot sunny. So, I understand my fellow Malaysians concerns. It's considered cold in Cameron Highlands, but can you imagine facing -14 degrees (celsius)?

Here's the thing: I wear proper winter clothes on the alps. My winter jacket for the super cold is super thick with faux fur lining. I wear proper sweaters like fleece or wool or Heat Tech. I wear 4 to 5 layers depending on the temperature. I wear Heat Tech leggings under my Heat Tech tracks. Pair all these up with a woollen muffler (NOT those pretty chiffon or satin shawls) and those thick winter gloves (NOT those pretty leather gloves) as well as a good winter boots with woollen socks, and I'm good to go!

The pretty things are meant for the cities and I keep it there.

3. Where is your favourite destination?

I think it's quite obvious that I absolutely LOVE Switzerland. Because of the alps. There's so many mountains to explore! And the cleanliness of the place! And the people! It's so safe there! You can leave your handbag and have it in one piece with everything inside at the lost & found section. Of course, I don't recommend you to leave your bags every where!

What I really like to do is choose a town on the alps, and stay there for a week. That way, you feel like you're home. Especially since I go with my family. It feels like we moved there sometimes! And the locals definitely make us feel welcomed.

4. How to get cheap airfare?

Before that, please define cheap airfare for me.

To me, a comparatively cheaper airfare is considered cheap airfare. Like return tickets Kuala Lumpur - London for under RM2000 / USD450 is okay. I am a member of a few frequent flyer programmes and constantly get emails on promotions and deals. I also use all the sites where they compare prices for flights. However, my favourite way to compare is actually on the websites themselves. It's tedious but you can really find cheaper airfare that way!

And the miles I've collected is enough for me to get return flight tickets anywhere in South East Asia on Business Class. So, you can always use that!

5. You've been travelling a lot, but you don't post much about it. Why is that?

I haven't the time! Honestly. There's just so much effort that I put into blogging. And for travel posts, I want them to be informative and helpful so I have to really do my research and map out my postings to make it perfect (at least, perfect to me).

But don't fret. I have mapped out a lot of travelling posts and I will begin posting them real soon!

I have to go and board my plane now. Talk soon!


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  1. Nice blog by lovely people. I'll continue reading yours tomorrow.



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  4. I just came back from Swiss and yes it is a super nice country!

  5. salam. nak g UK jgk la.. http://datoksirkronik.blogspot.my/2017/01/raja-segala-fb-ads.html

  6. happy new year, sya!! i hope you'll cross more things off your list in this year! ;D best regards to the fam.