An Addition to the Family: My Nephew, Faisal Ibrahim Bin Mohd Firdaus


Oh my God! It's been a year since my brother's wedding and I still haven't blogged about it! I have been a horrible blogger, haven't I? Gosh. I used to blog at least once a week but the past year has been so hectic that I have neglected my readers! I am so sorry my dear readers but fret no more because I am back! I have been saying this a couple of times, haven't I? But rest assured, this time, I'm going to stick around.

Recently, we had an addition to the family! My nephew was born while I was on a Euro trip although he was actually due after I got back. So while I didn't get to meet the (at the time he had no name) baby physically, I was still there thanks to technology! At 4AM in Brugge, my sister FaceTime-d me and got me to wake up. It was her first time meeting the baby too! And using my mom's phone, I was in one of the baby's very first wefie!

I swear, technology can really bring people closer. I honestly felt like I was there!

Anyway, Faisal was named about a week after he was born and he had an aqiqah which I did not attend as I was in Europe still. But my parents decided to have a Majlis Naik Buai / Majlis Kesyukuran in Ipoh when Faisal is almost 6 weeks. And I helped in planning the event!

So at 5 weeks, Faisal got on his first plane ride from Kuala Terengganu to Kuala Lumpur followed by a 3 hour drive to Ipoh! An adventurous baby he was! Faisal was quite quiet in the car as he looked at all the lights. I think he was amazed by this world!

I am so happy to have a new nephew and I can't wait to see him soon on our family getaway next week!

For now, here are some photos from the event. In case you're wondering, I am wearing aere's Livia Jacquard Tunic Top in Beige Silver. It's from aere's KLFW collection aereHOPE. I haven't blogged much about KLFW but I will soon. See you next week!


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