A Tribute to My Dear Friend, Shea Rasol


I met the late Shea Rasol in person in 2014 at Langston Hues' Meet and Greet and was surprised when she came to say hi to me because she's my idol and I'm like nobody. I couldn't believe she knew me.

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We met at all sort of events but we became closer when she chose me as one of her protégés in 2015 and later, in 2016 all of us traveled together to Singapore to attend Tiq's wedding. To be honest, I didn't really plan the Singapore trip but kind of tagged along because it was the weekend after I got back from my 3 weeks long Euro Trip. With all I had left in my savings, something in my heart told me to go. It was our first and last trip together.

Our beloved left me a gift in the form of these girls: Kai, Lia, Tiq and Anisah. Such an inspiring soul, Shea chose us as her protégés and guided us on blogging, and with that, friendship, love and life. You see, we are from 4 different countries: Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia. I can truly say that I have good friends all over the world, thanks to Shea Rasol.

We promise that we'll stay together, InsyaAllah.

I remember this night very well. After Tiq's wedding, us girls went for dinner that evening and let the Grab driver bring us anywhere, so we ended up at East Coast Lagoon Food Village. While eating amazing seafood, we talked about so many things including love, family and faith. I knew then, that I was surrounded by the most amazing women who are beautiful inside and out.

I am so thankful to have been blessed with so many beautiful memories with her.


When Shea found out she had cancer, she told us almost immediately and we kept it among us until Shea was ready to let everyone know on her birthday. I am truly touched to know that she considered us her close friends and confidante. She even left us a voice note in between her chemo sessions.

Typing this today has been so difficult, my hands are shaking. I haven't been blogging properly but I remember how Shea told me to blog and share especially when it can help inspire others. Thank you, Shea, for being you.

Shea Rasol had a big heart with so much love to give, and she did. She loved and inspired us all! Shea was larger than life!

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On a blessful Friday in the Holy month of Ramadhan, 9th June 2017, Farah Syahirah Binti Rasol passed away after battling urachal cancer for 5 months at the age of 29. May our beloved Shea be granted khusnul khatimah, Allah's forgiveness and mercy, may she be given peace and the blessings of Allah, just as all the good there was for her in dunya, may Allah give as well as or even much more better in her akhirah, make her among the righteous and earning her paradise. May Allah grant her a place in His paradise. Amin Amin Amin Ya Rabb'al Alamin.

I ask all my dear readers to dedicate Surah Al-Fatihah specially for Almarhum Farah Syahirah Binti Rasol.

With Love,

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  1. innalillah. ada jugak tgk blogger up pasal ni. tapi takleh tanggap siapa. ni baru betul2 tahu yg shea rasol yang dah pergi. semoga arwah ditempat kn dikalangan org beriman.

  2. my goodness— i was her blog manager but we never actually got a chance to meet in person. i'm in utter shock. al-fatihah.

  3. Shea was like the cherry blossoms, blooming in the spring, fading away so quickly but the beauty stays on to linger in our hearts.

    xo, Ayeesha

  4. Excuse me, may i know who are you sebab u ckp u'r her blog manager or you're the one who designed her blog? I'm shea's sister by the way. Can u email me at farahrasol@yahoo.com. Thanks

    1. Hi Farah. I think you're referring to sgrmse.'s comment? She was one of Shea's manager at Nuffnang dulu.

  5. yanggg ya Aallah baru baca ni sedih blk... shes inspired us a lot. amin to ur dua' ... Al fatihah.. ;')

  6. Thank you so much for your kind words and prayers. May Allah bless your beautiful heart <3 <3 <3