Modest Street Fashion, KL. Meet & Greet with International Photographer, Langston Hues.


Langston Hues is in KL, one of his many stops on his tour for his current project, the global Modest Street Fashion (MSF) movement, which commemorates the emerging culture of modest street style that has erupted around the world. Basically, he is touring the world to photograph hijabsters from everywhere, to make a book.

Interesting, isn't it? A book filled with photographs of Modest Street Fashion all over the world. It's gonna be wonderful, I'm sure of it. The beauty of it, not in the fashion, but in the similarity of the mind of the people. This project is the first of it's kind documenting a global trend known as Modest Street Fashion. It is an opportunity to give Modesty a voice and potentially take ownership of the fashion world, as it is reaching out to a worldwide audience.

Amazing, right? You wouldn't have thought about it yourself. Never have I thought of fashion as a movement. It never crossed your mind, either, I'm sure. It's more than just about you and the clothes you wear. So much more.

And yes, I got all that from the meet & greet.

Anyway, the event was held at Talent Lounge, PJ Arts Trade Centre organised by ArtBeat Consultants and Crescent Collective. A very cozy place for a casual event.

At lunch time, on my way to my parent's, my SIL, Raja Nadia Sabrina, asked me if I wanted to go to the event. As I had nothing planned and I did want to go when I saw the posters everywhere, I said YES. Duh!

And I'm glad I did.


Because I learned a lot from it. The speakers there included Mizz Nina, Natasha Hudson and Felixia Yeap. Felixia Yeap, if you do not know, is/was a Playboy Bunny. And when she's not working, she wears clothes that covers her aurah. FYI, she is not a Muslim. But she loves covering up as she feels that (I read this from her blog) people will see her for more than the beauty of her body.

And that, is beautiful.

I also got to meet a handful of people I have only heard about or seen (or followed on Instagram) before this. Yes, I was definitely excited. They are women who are powerful in their own way. And I admire women with strength.

Gosh, this one's a bit of a long post, isn't it?

It's just that, there's always been this huge wall between beauty and brains. You can never be beauty with brains, or so the stereotype goes. But these people are living proof that that is a lie. And this is something that needs to be recognized.

Anyway, enough with the heavy stuff. Haha. Here are some shots from last night!

With Atiyah Saadon, Dayah Bakar and my SIL, Raja Nadia Sabrina.

Met YB Nurul Izzah again, except, this time it's not at a student leaders summit or conference.


Gold Skirt : ZAZA Apparels by @rajanoora 
Check them out by searching the hashtag #zazareadytowear on Instagram.
Union Jack Sleeveless Peplum Top : chantiquecloset 
Bag : Michel Angelo
Shawl : I got it from somewhere in Shang Hai
Pink Cardigan : Somewhere on Jalan TAR 
Photos by my SIL, Raja Nadia Sabrina and her husband, @kneok


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