Eid 2018 Part II: More Hours on the Road and Less than 12 Hours with Family


I ended the last post with how my brother and his family missed their flight to Johor Bahru where we were all impatiently waiting for the arrival of Faisal Ibrahim. So, MAS paid for their transport to Seremban where my grandparents on my mother's side live. Faisal was full of energy, confused as to why his parents were exhausted.

My other family members who were with me in Johor Bahru decided to drive to Seremban after lunch the next day as we were in a race against time. My sister was leaving for Ipoh and my SIL was also leaving for Terengganu that night because these doctors need to work on Sunday, the third day of Syawal. After a photoshoot session in Johor and the best lunch ever, we were on the road for about 4 hours before we got to see Faisal who absolutely loved the camera!

Moments like this when we can be in the same place at the same time are very difficult to get. So when we do, we appreciate it very much.

p.s. I was wearing a custom-made kurung by Fuzana Mokhtaza. Yes, my outfit was very extra because Nana totally gets me. When she designed my dress, she was like what else you want to add? Wings?

Dress by legendary Fuzana Mokhtaza

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