The Weekenders take on Kanching Falls


Hi dear readers!

How do you spend your long weekends? Are you the couch potato or the jet-setter?

Myself personally, am a jet-setter. But the following work day, I WISH I was a couch potato. And you'd think, with the international borders sealed up due to the pandemic, I would finally stay home. But that didn't happen.

During the recent long Merdeka weekend, the Weekenders decided to go for a hike. At first, I wanted a trip (to anywhere) but after our discussion, we knew that none of us are rajin enough to drive in the massive traffic jam that we knew would exist due to people like me (Malaysians love their holidays)! I said let's go to the beach but Audi isn't a fan. He wanted to go to a waterfall. I said okay, but be warned, I would be complaining all the way up. Suhail looked at me and was like, "So will we, Sya. So will we."

Immediately, Audi and I researched waterfalls around KL that looked decent. Audi decided on Kanching Falls because of the Instagram photos of a lot of the hikers there. It's gorgeous! (Both the place and the people)

I knew Jasyu would wanna come along as she loves the great outdoors and naturally I would invite Mai as well. And it became a huge group of 11 people!

On Monday morning, the girls and I (after a sleepover at the Boys' Place) woke up at 5.30am, to prep our snacks for the trip while Serene and Suhail made pancakes for breakfast. We didn't take any photos because we were hungry...

We left at 7am, half an hour later than planned and reached Taman Eko Rimba Kanching about 20 minutes later. It's so near to our place! Suhaili and Hadi were already waiting for us since before we left the house! Oooopppssss.

Off we went to explore the beautiful Kanching Rainforest Waterfall. There are 7 levels of heaven (the waterfalls) and hell (the hike). As you get higher, the difficulty of the route gets tougher. So do know your limits and do some research. There's more waterfalls after Level 7 but there's no track. 


Being the lazy ass that I am, I was out of breath at Level 4 due to the many-many steps. It was like leg-day. Suhail and Serene were behind me, being even less fit than me while the others went forward. The Husband looked longingly to the front while waiting for me to catch up. So, at Level 6, I told him to go on without me.

And off he went. What a douche! LOL! Guys! When your wives say to go, DO NOT GO!

I went up a few minutes later but the Husband was already out of sight. When I reached the wall with the rope, Audi called me. Yes, there is phone signal in this jungle. He said he, along with a bunch of them were lost. They couldn't even hear the water. I was like, "Dude, the track is along the water. Where the hell did you guys go?" And they asked me if the Husband was with me and I asked them back. 

Where did the Husband go?!!

Honestly, I thought he was right behind them, so I figured as they turned back, they'd meet with him. And since Audi told me to wait, I waited with Suhail and Serene (they finally caught up to me) and took some amazing shots.

When Audi and the others finally got to me, the Husband was still missing! I tried calling him (via phone) to no avail. As everyone was climbing the wall, he finally called me back. "Where are you? 'We' are up here."

"Who's 'we'?" I asked.

Then, the line got cut off.

I was like what the hell?!! Dia ikut bunian mana pulaaaakkkkkkk dahhhhh? Suhail, listening in on my conversation was panicking as well. I tried to call him back but couldn't get through.

Finally, he called me back and told me that he was with Suhaili and Hadi. And I breathed a sigh of relief. He also told me not to come up to Level 7. There's nothing here, he said. I'm coming down, he said.

Two HOURS later, he came down with everyone else (including Audi and the lost kids). Once our friends reached the top, he completely forgot about me and magically, it was sooo interesting up there. He even took photos of the lot of them. Husband Award of the Year.

And so we went down and had lunch at Jalan Bellamy because we got hungry looking at everyone BBQ-ing at Level 3 and below.

Jasyu was driving the Husband, Arief and I, following grandpa-driver, Suhail's car when the boys told her to step on it. And she really did! Suddenly, Arief said, "You know what, Jasyu, I'm not that hungry. You can drive slow." HAHAHAHA!

It was a fun adventure and I can't wait to have more adventures with them!


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