My Norwex Journey into a Domesticated Queen


Dear readers,

I have to thank you for staying with me since 2014. If you also follow me on Instagram, you can see how I have changed during these 7 - 8 years. I started working (4 times), I learnt to cook and I finally got domesticated.

The journey was not an easy one as I grew up never doing chores. I never made my bed until I went to MRSM Taiping and we had to make our bed. Even then, it was only for like half a year. After that, I never made my bed ever again. I never washed dishes, held a vacuum or a mop. Simply, I never did any chores.

The Husband knew about this before we got married so he was prepared for the domestic idiot I was. However, over time, I realized that I had Even then, I cheated. I hired weekly maids and ate out most all of the time.

When Covid-19 happened and we were all under quarantine/lockdown, I couldn't hire anyone to do my cleaning. On top of that, the Husband and I moved into our own place so I am mistress of the house or Home Minister, as he likes to call me. We learnt to cook and had to learn to clean as well.

It just so happened that that was when I was introduced to Norwex. One of my best friend, Farah Najwa, shared with me this magical cloth, the EnviroCloth. It's famous for erasing markings on walls with just the use of water and the cloth. I bought a set together with the Kitchen Cloth and Window Cloth. Being new to the whole cleaning thing, the Husband and I loved that we only needed to use the cloth with water and TA-DA! It's all clean! It is a total life saver and the Husband always looks for the Kitchen Cloth since he knows how to use it. 

I know a lot of people out there are skeptical about it but I was never because my mother has always loved this kind of cloths. And when it came to the cleaning products, it was a smooth transition for us because we have always used organic and plant-based products. For me, personally, Norwex was a brand that advocated for the way of life I have been accustomed to.

One year and having spent about a thousand dollars later, my other best friend, Adlin, decided to join Norwex as a Consultant. She quit her day job as a lawyer and took a break from the piling files to be a mom. During her free time, she sells Norwex, Young Living and henna. Her Norwex 'mader' (read: Group Leader) is Mymin, someone I have known for a long time. She is the founder of Chantique Closet, my favourite brand back when I was in college. I love Mymin's contents and she is a great leader. So I said to Adlin, sure I'll join in.

Norwex has a Fresh Start Program where you can win free products worth RM979 if you hit the goals below within 60 days. I managed to get Step 1 & Step 2 on my second day. I also managed to rank up to Team Achiever on my fourth day. Thank you, Mama and Maksu (Auntie). I also hit achievements set by my Leaders and received more gifts from them. In total, I got over RM1,500 worth of products for FREE!

This month, July 2021, my team leaders are doing a competition for video contents. Being a content creator myself, I got really competitive and have submitted about 7 videos to date. I think this is a great way for me to brush up on my skills as I have been concentrating on writing only for work and photos for Instagram.

It's also a great way for me to keep sane during this trying times. 

You can watch my videos on my Instagram Reels (click here). Who would have thought that dear old Syahira Zakaria could end up giving home cleaning demos and advice. Never in a million years. But thanks to Norwex, I actually got here.

Thank you for your support and if you would like to make a purchase or join my Norwex team, please DM me on my Instagram or hit me up at my email

Here are the things I got for FREE within my first four days!


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  1. Thank you for sharing this. It was helpful. Keep sharing such things.

  2. Great post. Keep sharing such nice posts. I love reading them. They have interesting content to read.