2021: Raya(s) Cancelled


Dear readers,

How have you been? With various forms of MCO still in place, most of us are not able to balik kampung since January and I am no exception. Super sad kan?

Honestly, this year's Eid(s) hit a little different for me and I am pretty sure everyone shares the same sentiment. However, I am very lucky to have my girls with me. Two cities in one lifetime.

Before FMCO, we planned our final get together as a way to celebrate Eid. Mai hosted us at her place with her sister acting as our photographer. We dressed up in kebayas from Leaf Thief matched with batik sarong I gifted to everyone.

I'd like to think that our outfits represent our friendship; Different colours for our different personalities but with subtle similarities. We are very different in many ways and we are also similar in many different ways. 

Do check out Leaf Thief Indonesia (click here) for our Kebaya outer with fitted tank top. They are handmade with custom leaf prints by Indonesian artists Agnes Christina and her husband. I have another outfit from Leaf Thief which I will wear for Eidul Adha, insyaAllah. Can't wait to dress up again since staying at home, I'm always in my PJs.

I got the batik sarongs from one of my many trips to Pantai Remis Jeram for RM9 each. It's so pretty, you would never have thought it's so cheap! This is exactly why I love and miss travelling. You can find rare gems during these adventures.

"I've had the time of my life slaying dragons with you."


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