Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi: Thermomix Parties & Multiple OOTDs


Dear readers,

When the Husband's family wanted to do a family trip, we ended up deciding on Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi as it was really close by so travel wouldn't be an issue, and my SIL, Nina and I had our Thermomix, so food wouldn't be an issue either. The awesome thing about the resort is that they had different types of rooms so we were able to accommodate everyone's preferences.

The Husband and I took AL that Friday and decided to leave in the morning so we could go to Genting or anywhere with his parents. We stopped by Genting Sempah for lunch where I had ikan patin gulai tempoyak which I absolutely love! Then, we headed up to Genting Highlands Premium Outlet where I looked for shoes (but failed). Personally, I find it super difficult to find the perfect pair of shoes. 

We realized that the cloud was getting dark and that it would start to rain anytime soon, so we decided to head to our final destination earlier than planned. 

When Nina arrived, I was so happy because with her there, I knew that dinner would be served soon. 

Honestly, we didn't do much up in Bukit Tinggi but we did play a lot of games like charades and song association. Such fun! Hope to have more trips now that borders are open!


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