About Weddings: #syadhilwedding COMING SOON!


#syadhilwedding happened in January. And now, we're almost done with the semester. How time flies, right?

We all know that I will be posting about the wedding, soon, insyaAllah. The preparations. The feelings. The photos. The videos. Everything. When I'm free, I will start, okay? Before that, I have to concentrate on finals coming up.

What to start off the whole mini-series of #syadhilwedding ? 

Any ideas?

As of right now, I have none.

Here's one photo from my Official Photographer:

I feel that it's gorgeous! This is how this shot happened:

Hafiz: Sit here.

Then, he walks to the other side of the pool.

Hafiz: Jap. Habis memory. Siapa punya camera ada lagi space?

He takes a snap or two.

Hafiz: Ok. We're done.

I did not see this shot coming.

Who is my Official Photographer?

Coming soon!


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