Our Night Of Sparkles and Tutu Skirts.


This post is gonna have lots of photos, so get ready!

On Friday, 4 April 2014 (#4414), the fourth year's of Ahmad Ibrahim Kuliyyah of Laws IIUM (AIKOL) hosted a Grand Dinner at the CAC Hall. It was officiated by YB Khairy Jamaluddin and attended by judges from the Appeal Court, the Rector of IIUM, the Dean of AIKOL and many lecturers as well as a few firms like ZICO. The dinner was very much a graduation dinner aimed for the final year's to celebrate their last days in AIKOL.

I was part of the decoration team, so I went to the event with The Husband and our friends, Adlin & Mutt and Ebby & Sha. Yupppp. Couples. Haha.

The theme of the dinner was The Great Gatsby so everyone suited up & dressed up. I love to play dress up!

The best part of the night for me was getting ready with Adlin in her room. She called me up in the morning in panic, "I have nothing to wear!" So I packed a whole luggage of everything for her! That's what soul sisters are for. #sanggupbuatapasaja

There has been so much going on in all our lives. College life, you know? But last night, in her room, it was just us. An amazing time of talking, and sharing. And that's the best.

We sat at the table with our friends, Haziq Ishak, Ainaa Delaila, Adi and Zuckba. It was fun hanging out with them. They're an exciting bunch that can make any party alive! They can really make a laugh!

The Couples!
With my handsome date! #syadhil
Haziq Ishak getting ready for his performance.
A group of girls with KJ
For Adlin. Teehee~


Adi in his costume. He should so win best dressed! Too bad he's not a final year student. Next time, ok? We'll be supporting you!
Adlin (left) in my sequin bolero and grey tutu skirt. Ainaa (right) hosted the formal sessions in a lovely and new double peplum kurung from Zawara. They both look beautiful!

Silver Grey Golden Love Glitter Shawl from @thecelove
Black SWAN (Tutu Skirt) from ARNADIA by GAYA (@gayacollective)
Black Short Full Sequin Dress from my own closet
Arm Candy from my own closet
Feather Brooch from Salabianca


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