Before #syadhilwedding Part III : The Pretty Pastel Bachelorette Picnic Photoshoot, FATE.


Here's a bit of a repost from my old blog but I'll be adding a few details about the girls so I don't have to do it later. You see, all of these girls became my bridesmaids at the wedding. I have to talk about them sooner or later!

This photoshoot was something like a bachelorette picnic. It's meant for us to cherish the moments that we have had and will have together, God-willing. Introducing the beautiful people of my life; my sisters, my twins, my best friends:
From left: Syuddy, Jasyu, Azra, Adlin, me, Qila, Mai, Zaa.
I met them at different stages of my life, under different circumstances and scenarios. The one major thing that they have in common is that they are the rare jewels of my life. Some of them have never even met before I forced them into the shoot together!

But here's the best part: 
The picnic was AH-MAH-ZING! They clicked in an instant. All of us felt really comfortable with each other. Awesome, right?

I thought about writing about each and everyone of them. How I met them. How important they are to me. How much they have done for me. But before that, here's one thing they all do for me: They are always supporting me. They always have my back. No matter what. Even if I'm wrong. They still stand by me. With me. If the world turns its back on you, these girls will turn their backs to the world for you. That's how much they are incredibly wonderful. 

Alhamdulillah. I have friends that are like family. Granted, Syuddy is my actual sister.
Actually, all of us had individual look shots, but if I posted those up here, these girls would kill me! Maybe not all of them? Hehe. It's so tempting to post their photos and talk about them, individually. But that would take a year for me to write! So here's a snippet of what's in my heart.
This is Jasyu & Mai. The Ipoh girls. Funny enough, I met Mai when I was in Form 2. She was my classmate in SMK Raja Perempuan Ipoh (aka RPS). I met Jasyu in Form 5. She was my classmate in Ipoh International School. Mai and Jasyu met because of me. Then, they became best friends. How did that happen? I have absolutely no idea! Suddenly, after our school days, we were really close and the three of us always plan hangouts together. And now, we're practically sisters! It's crazy, isn't it? Fate.
This is Zaa. Now this looks interesting, doesn't it? Hihi. Zaa and I met during my second semester in IIU, which is the semester before we had this photoshoot. She is part of my #Foodie gang. As in, we go the miles to eat good food. Although, since I got married I haven't been doing that. I used to eat so much and such good food that eating became an adventure for us. They used to say I'm a fat girl inside. Which, I am! Haha. Zaa is my senior, by the way.

Look at her in her pastel pink batik kurung. If you're gonna talk about perempuan Melayu terakhir, this is it! Hehe. Here's what happened, when I told her that the theme is pastel (with most of them ending up in pastel green), she was like, "But I only have this in pastel at home." When really, she has a lot of pastel clothes that she wears to class. But I like it. Batik is part of art and craft. And I love art! I love her too! Hee~
Qila, Azra & Adlin. In foundations, Qila was my next-door neighbour. Adlin was (still is) my futsal teammate. Along with Azra, her roommate back in foundations. I wrote a post of them in my old personal blog the last day I was in foundations:
"These three beautiful girls stood in front of me.

The girls that have been there for me this whole semester. The days I was in tears. The days I had to face my fears. Choosing outfits. All our laughters. We slept together, studied together and took a step to adulthood together. Each one of them teaching me their own kind of lesson, each one always motivating to move forward, to shoot a few times. And to learn that you don't have to score all the time, you just have to try hard enough, with each other, having each other's backs. 

You're not supposed to judge. You're supposed to keep their secrets like keeping your own. You're not supposed to be correct all the time. You are human. You make mistakes. But you grow up from these mistakes. You learn. And the most important thing of all, I learnt that some people come and go, and others, they stick. 

I love you, girls. 
Always had. Always will."

By the way, these girls are my juniors.

So the big question: Why did I separate them into groups in this post? Because these 'groups' have never met each other before this photoshoot. I grouped them together for this memorable day, only to know now that this is a day of great history. Everyone became good friends here. On this day. And that is one moment that I can never forget. Fate.
Here's the last one to write about. My sister, Syuddy, in my skirt and shawl. Hehe. She is my twin, by heart and mind. She can read my mind. Even when we're far apart. She was my maid of honour at every #syadhilwedding event. If I write about her, it will take a lifetime. Because that's how long I've known her. I remember, when we were little, I always wanted to dress like her. Then, as we grew older, we enjoyed dressing alike to confuse people. In New York, especially, everyone thought we were twins. She is not my twin. She is older than me by a year, just so you know.

Anyway, this ends my very long post! Took me a few weeks too! These girls are very important to me as each of them had played very different roles in shaping me into the woman that I am today. Praise the Almighty for blessing me with precious gifts like them.

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