Attending Monochromatic Elegance in RED


With Nora Danish and Vivy Yusof, the brains of this collection.

Ramadhan means less working hours, so yay me! I have just submitted my attendance for June to the office and it's not looking too good. Should have at least hit the hundreds this Summer holidays but instead I was busy with many other things!

One of the events that had me skipping work was Nora Danish X Fashion Valet private showcase which was held at White Box, Publika. So I had the chance to see the collection up-close before it's actual launch. The collection is themed: Monochromatic Elegance. It's all black and white, giving it an elegant and luxurious feel and yet it also has the touch of traditional as they are designed for Raya. I really love the contemporary traditional kind of designs. Looking forward to Raya although it's just the beginning of Ramadhan!
With family.
From left: Shea Rasol, Iza Hamid (The Pink Stilletos) and my SIL, Raja Nadia Sabrina
With fashion bloggers Aishah Amin, Shea Rasol, (My SIL) Raja Nadia Sabrina and videographer, Atiyah Saadon.
My fav piece.
The designers and their collection. Well done!
A lot of people in attendance wore black/white. I wasn't planning on any of those colours but just in case, I switched skirts from grey to black. Wish I wore the grey, though. It would have been a very soft touch with a burst of red.

I changed my hijab style again. It's just super fun to do so. It's like playing dress up! Although, I still wear the same style most everyday. But this is a different kind of shawl then my everyday ones. I think I've been wearing this kind of shawl in the past three/four posts. The thing about wide cotton shawls is their volume. I love the volume and length because it gives the much needed coverage we need.
Red Glitter Wide Cotton Shawl: Kloset Kita
Dusty Pink Cropped Jacket: Melinda Looi
Black 'Belle' Skirt: Designed by my SIL, Raja Nadia Sabrina
Red 'Madison Leather Isabelle' Handbag: Coach
Pictures credited to Daniel Syaukani and Raja Nadia Sabrina.

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