Taylor Swift Red Tour Asia. She dedicated the 'special song' Enchanted to me: A #syadhilwedding special.


I am truly lucky and last night proved that in front of all Swifties in the world.

I felt so blessed when my sister won a pair of Meet & Greet passes via a Twitter contest by Cornetto. We were confirmed to see her on the day. And I was so nervous, I cried when my mum teased me of taking the ticket instead of giving it to me.

So we were the first of the Meet & Greet winners to see her, thanks to all her staff. They were so kind and had complimented us on our sequin dresses. A lot of different people came to take photos with us before we went in. We were so excited and I guess it showed clearly on our faces!

We met Taylor a bit after 6pm, in Club Red. Yuppp. Club Red was set up for Meet & Greet sessions.

When we met, and I realised how tall she was, she complimented us in our dress and our eyes. She loved our eyes! That's when I told her. I told her that Enchanted was #syadhilwedding 's song. My sister then added that we got married at 20. Taylor thanked me for that when really, I felt like I should thank her for making such a beautiful song.
And to be honest, I thought that that was it. Because that was enough to make my life just much more amazing then it already is.

But then, the concert started. And I couldn't sit down at all because I was too excited and enjoying the show so much!

Suddenly, while she was on stage B, Taylor said, "I got to meet a lot of you earlier today...and tonight, there's this beautiful girl who told me she got married to one of my songs." Then, she started to play Enchanted, which was the surprise of the night as it wasn't on the set list. The last time she performed Enchanted live was last year in August.

At first, I was so surprised I just screamed in a super quiet stadium, "That was me!" Then, I started crying. I was overjoyed. The Husband stood up and screamed, "YES!" too, at the Yellow Zone. Everyone who were sitting around us (I was in the Red Zone) stared at us like we were mad.

I don't have a video of her dedication. I was shocked and surprised that I couldn't record it. It's not just our wedding song. It's our love song. Thank you so much Taylor, for dedicating Enchanted to my marriage. We are truly touched by your gesture.

A big thanks to my sister for choosing me to accompany her to meet Taylor when she won the Meet & Greet passes! It has been an amazing and joyful night.

I am shaking as I write this. She had made our night more than just unforgettable. No words can describe our happiness and joy. We are truly blessed.

Here's some photos of last night and the wedding video. Enjoy!
And here's the video, by iMoments:

Alternatively, you can watch the video on Facebook or on Vimeo.

Edited in:
Hi guys! I found the video of Taylor's dedication to me! It's on youtube. (Press here) or (here) or (here)
Thanks to spiceupyourlife.
Thanks to Azee Liar.
I think the dedication part is so clear here. Thanks to Erdnest Shim Nyuk Pin.

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  1. Watch it already!! All i have to say is you are very very lucky! I am so envy and I hope I can be just as lucky as you. :)

  2. Awesome and sincere post.