Jersey Blue : The New Denim


I know. I know. I didn't have a blog post last week and I broke my promise. I'm sorry, guys. Being in Law school takes up so much of my time I'm just going insane right now. I've been busy, super busy climbing trees, doing volunteer work (in the middle of the night) , John Legend's concert, a fashion show, and a few photo shoots which I should blog about but I can't yet. Let's just say that you'll see me in a magazine. That's it. You're not digging any more from me, OK. Just be patient. I promise I will share with you all that I can when I can.

So my busy week also made me end up heading to the clinic. But not to worry, I'm fine now! It's just that Malaysia is so panas (hot) ! Everyone around me are getting in and out of the ward every now and then. I'm not kidding.

What to wear in this heat is a huge question mark I have in my head every time I'm heading out. In this hot weather and with this hijab covering my head? I decided to put this on for my day out with the girls.

I know what you're thinking. It's like I'll get heat stroke in this denim dress and denim cropped jacket, right? That's where you're wrong. Because it's not denim! Fooled everyone didn't I? Lol. Like the title of this post isn't obvious: The dress and cropped jacket are made from jersey + cotton. It's super comfy and I look awesome! The hijab is made from chiffon which is also much more cooling then cotton shawls.

My favourite item from this look is the cropped jacket. No. Wait. It's the dress. Shoot. I can't choose! Maybe it's a tie.

I love the dress because I've always had a thing for denim dresses. When I was younger, a short denim dress is a must in my closet. But as the years gone by (as if I'm 50) , denim dresses seem to be a bit too much. Having this dream jersey maxi dress is the best alternative for me.

Now, why do I love the jacket? I think it's pretty obvious that I love jackets even though I only have a number of them. It's difficult to find jackets that suit this place and weather. I wish I live in Europe so I can wear jackets all the time. It's only natural for me to love this one too. It's a gorgeous piece that would match everything. Why would it match everything? Because it looks like denim. DUH.

I think it's great to have these pieces in your wardrobe. You can mix and match or wear it together. It's easy to wear!

What are your denim must haves? (Other than jeans, of course.)

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