Turning 21 : Game Night


I shall now admit that it was my first birthday party ever. However, it was not a surprise birthday party because I helped in planning it. My OCD/perfectionist event planning came out. Hehe.

So here's what happened on the day: After buying the ingredients for the meal, Adlin and I went to pick up four boxes of dessert that I ordered from La Dent Sucree: Vanilla cream puffs, Nutella cream puffs, salted caramel brownies and my personal favourite, Nutella Oreo brownies. It was delicious! After I sent Adlin to class, I headed to Plaza Damas with Qila. We went to do our nails.

By the time we arrived on location, the Husband and some guests already started playing Resistance. Which reminds me, the theme of the party was 'Game Night'. Like Meeples but free, I said! We had card games, board games, the PS3 and our creativity. A fun night of Resistance, Politiko, Charades and FIFA!

As I got ready, the chefs arrived. Haziq Ishak, Arif Lee and Sara Halysa were the chef on duty. Zaa, Azra, Adlin and Qila helped too. We didn't order any food. We had it all homemade. Cool, right? And delicious! We had chilli fries, aglio olio, nachos, tuna sandwich, Nutella sandwich and roasted chicken. And something Arif whipped up in the moment. Awesome chef on duty!

The cake was baked by Sara. The Husband wanted to get me a cake but I thought, you know what, it's just a waste. People don't usually eat them anyway because it's just pretty to look at and that's it. So the night before the party, Sara asked if she could bring dessert and imagine my joy when she baked me a blueberry cheesecake (my all time fav!) with macaroons on top. She's awesome! It looked amazing and it was so delicious, Adlin took some home!

It was the perfect night with friends, games and good food. I cannot thank my lovely friends enough for the love they have shown me at the party. Some came all the from another state just for me! Some came just to cook for me. Some came in despite of tests, assignments, classes and debate. I am very thankful to for these lovely people in my life. I am blessed with an even more amazing husband. Words cannot describe the happiness that I felt seeing all of them in one room, for me. What an amazing first birthday as a wife!

Here are the many photos from the day. Group shots first, then just everything. I didn't collage anything because I feel like every one photo and persons are precious to me.


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