A Normal Class Day in Sukaynah : airaz.my


Time for me to reveal how I really look like. I have never posted photos of me in IIU because I'm never dressed well. I just put on whatever that's comfortable. I am a very practical person. I always choose comfort especially since Malaysia is hot and I have to walk around campus from 8AM-5PM (at least).

So on Thursday, I woke up super late and as I sprinted in getting ready, I picked the easiest hijab for me to wear. This is Sukaynah, an instant hijab. If you look up @airaz.my on Instagram (click here) there are numerous tutorials that can teach you how to wear their products, which are instant hijabs but with style. For the Sukaynah, you only need one pin for the hijab to fit your face. 

They also have an instant shawl which looks almost like the style I wear daily. But I opt for this Middle East style because it's more comfortable and breezy at the neck as it doesn't have any inner. My friends thought that I wore this style myself! They even asked me for a tutorial! I was like "...I put one pin under my chin..."

How I really look like when I go to class. What do you think?

That's me walking to class

I love the Sukaynah because it's actually meant to be big for ladies who prefer covering their chest, which I do too. Especially in IIU. I'm wearing the satin one although they do have them in chiffon. Both are easy to wear and they don't need much ironing! Which is exactly why I got myself this hijab. It's meant to ease our hijab wearing time and still look stylish.

Airaz.my is located at Level 1, Subang Parade. It's also available at the KL YES Fest at PWTC. If you're heading there today, do check them out at Hall 4 Booth 4032.


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