Charity Dinner with Yuna & No Noise Percussion by Kelab Bakti Gunung Keledang


Yuna with The Keledang Ladies & The Keledeks

Kelab Bakti Gunung Keledang which also runs a foundation, Yayasan Bakti Gunung Keledang is a professional men charity club. Or something like that. I have been involved with their activities since I was 9 years old as my father had joined the club as a member. And us, children, are known as the 'Keledeks' or 'Anak Keledang'.

It has been a long way since I was 9 and I cannot explain how wonderful the club is. I have joined and watched them do many charitable activities such as building an orphanage, conducting weekly Soup Kitchens along with free medical check-ups as well as many other projects for society. At the end of the post, I have attached the short history and function of the club taken from its former website.

Every two years, they would host a Charity Golf Tournament to raise funds for the next projects. However, this time around, they have decided to try something new, which is a charity dinner 'Beramal Bersama Yuna' with Yuna and No Noise Percussion as the main attraction. The event was planned for mid 2014 but was postponed to 2 May 2015. The date was chosen by His Royal Highness the Sultan of Perak himself.

The patron of the club, DYMM Sultan Nazrin Shah, was in attendance with his beautiful wife as well as with DYTM Raja Muda Perak and DYAM Raja Di-Hilir Perak. They were also accompanied by Datuk Seri Diraja Dr. Zambry, the MB of Perak.

The event was held at Casuarina @ Meru, the new 'in' hotel in Ipoh. Just kidding. It's the only hall that can fit more than 1000 guests. I would know. My wedding reception was held at the same hall and I had almost 1500 guests!

I went to the very short rehearsal that evening just to help out (read: menyibuk) although there wasn't anything to do. That night, my whole family were in attendance, including my in-laws as my parents had invited them for a night of fun. I was excited because I got to meet my old friends and my soon-to-be master for my Law Attachment Program and just have fun. It made me excited to spend the next three months in Ipoh where I will be doing my LAP.

To be honest, that night was just filled with hanging out with friends and snapping photos. It was a shame that the crowd went out of control and Yuna left before everyone could take a photo with her. In fact, even the club members were not able to take a proper seated photo with her.

To be honest, I have never seen such a 'pushy' crowd before and I have been to numerous events!

Back to the event: It was a simple three course meal, a speech by the President and donation from the club presented by His Royal Highness. Then Yuna began her segment with 'Langit'. Her voice is very beautiful and she is very skilful. After a few songs, No Noise Percussion came in and entertained us with an amazing show! They used recycled items as well as household goods, like a knife or two as drumsticks and dustbins and pots and pans! You can go to their Facebook page here to find out more about them. Do enjoy some snippets of both performances and watch them in HD!

I am happy to announce that KBGK raised a lot more funds that night then when they held golf tournaments!

*All photos/vidoes are taken by me and the Husband.

Photo by Kneok
No Noice Percussion with knives:

Yuna's Lullabies (snippet):


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  1. Banyak keledeks kat sini !Makan keledeks petang nih sodap nyerrr!

  2. Organizations just are not adequately in that frame of mind of charity to anticipate that they should convey the entire weight.