FASHION v LAW [2015] SBS 1


Hello dear readers!

I am currently in the middle of my final exams for my third year in law school. So I apologise for not updating my blog on the numerous fashion shows I was involved in and attended. I am drowning in a sea of law books and that is my first priority until I finish my finals.

To be honest, I had difficulty in juggling my time as I was invited to over 12 fashion shows in a week...on my study week! Imagine my horror when I saw my finals timetable and they clashed with Melinda Looi's EMEL. Or that Company Law II was the morning after Fashion Valet's show. How do you prioritise?

Of course, by Wednesday (three days before my first paper), my mother decided to ask me about my social media updates. As in "Why are you everywhere?" That's when I realised I had got to get myself to the library and soak in the air of study week.

But what really got me to stop going to the shows was my face. I don't know whether it was an allergy reaction or just my skin hating make-up everyday (I do not wear make up other than when I go for events and take OOTDs), my face turned red and I had some really red and painful breakouts. It was like heaven sent. I really felt that I couldn't show my face to the public (other than in college) and that's when I suddenly focused completely on my papers.

You can look forward to my updates on all the fashion shows I attended during my study week. But these updates will also come slowly as I will begin my journey in my Law Attachment Program, a prerequisite for getting my LLB. 

I decided, since about a year ago, to do it at home, in Ipoh. This is because that’s the only time I have holidays (in this case: work) for over three months. Who knows when else can I live in Ipoh again? It really breaks my heart to leave the Husband in KL as he is also doing his LAP, at one of the best legal firms. At the same time, though, I am excited to live with my family again as most of us will be home for the Summer holidays. This is my sister’s final Summer holiday too! After this, we will face our final year and, God-willing, we will graduate this time around next year. 

I’m also excited to gain a taste of working as a lawyer! The firm I am attached to has three specialties: litigation, conveyance and commercial. My favorite is commercial. Litigation is my worst nightmare. I’m not as gifted as the Husband. He is into criminal litigation although I cannot relate. Haha. I’m 50-50 for commercial and Human Rights. I've always wanted to be a diplomat. Big dreams.

It got me thinking, when a few people asked me if I planned to practice. My answer has always been an outright yes. I've always had a plan. None of it involved fashion, though. Suddenly, this past week, I was thrown in a daze. I realised that I really love the fashion world too.

It's really difficult to choose because each one really consumes all your time. I barely have time for friends juggling my life now as it is. I wonder what it would be like in the future. I guess only time will tell!

Here's to an adventurous take on life and going with the flow.


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  1. hopefully everything is under your control. Take enough rest and have a quality time for yourself too ;)