Hijab Style: My Thoughts (And Fashion Tips)


Over the past few years, there has been a huge growth in the Muslimah fashion blogging community, or better known as Hijabistas, not just in Malaysia but throughout the globe. These influencers have changed the idea of how to infuse the modern lifestyle into the core of what it means to be a modern Muslimah.

The media used to portray Muslimah as those shrouded in pitch black robes, fully covered from head to toe, feeding the stereotype idea that modern lifestyle, fashion and the religion of Islam itself could not mix. However, with movements such as the Modest Street Fashion by Langston Hues, a Muslim African-American photographer as well as the rise of the numerous Hijabistas throughout the internet and social media, the spectators of the world have slowly come to realize that the potrayal by the media is in fact, incorrect.

With the London Turban Queen, Nusaiba @IAMNDORA 
Tiq Zulkifli (Automatiqhigh), Singapore

Being a Muslimah fashion blogger myself, I have been asked on numerous occasions on what keeps me blogging? Throughout the one year and a half that I’ve stepped foot in the blogging community, I’ve made so many friends all over the globe. I have friends in the UK, USA, Philipines, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. And they are all of different ages and professions. Without joining their world, we would remain miles apart but with the technology we have today, distance holds no obstacle to the revolution we are a part of. And I thank The Almighty everyday for opening my eyes to this world. 

Recently, I was approached by a friend who is what we Malaysians like to call ‘free-hair’. She wanted my advice on how to find a suitable style as she felt that if she could find one, she would begin to don the hijab. I was so happy that she felt that she could confide in me. This, is what keeps me blogging!

You just need to know that there are plenty of simple and useful hijab style fashion tips out there! Apart from the style tips below, you can get inspiration from your favourite celebrities or bloggers or just look up the internet!

1. First thing that you have to do is to acknowledge your own style. Once you understand your own style then you can find the hijab style that suits you best. If you are a rocker chic then, be a rocker chic. You don’t have to change your whole style to don the hijab. Just be creative.

2. Dress to express your taste. Charm the crowd with your best maxi dress paired with the right hijab and shoes for an effortlessly trendy look.

3. Get yourself updated with the current fashion trend to keep your wardrobe with freshest outfits. You can find my list of blogger friends on the right.

4. Stay away from too many colours. If your dress has two colours, for example, match it with a hijab that has a matching colour to your outfit. This is especially if you are still shy to go bold. I notice a lot of fashion bloggers doing this. They either match the hijab to the top or the skirt.

5. Or if you don't have matching coloured hijab, choose a non-statement colour for your top, such as nude, white or black.

Kai Darul (LiLPiNK), Philippines

Please do add any style tips you have in the comment section!

That’s all I have for now, as I have to prepare my presentation on Modern Democracy, Secularism and Islam and whether they can mix. Tough one isn’t it? Exactly.

Until next time.

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