Experiencing Dinner In The Sky Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


When I heard about Dinner in the Sky Malaysia, I was super excited! I said to the Husband that I just HAVE to go for it! Me being an adrenaline junkie and all. But he didn't like the idea one bit. Dining while being suspended 50 metres up in the air would be so scary!

Then, I thought to myself, come on! 50 metres is nothing compared to 1000 metres in the air like when I was on the hot air balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey. You can read about my experience here: FLOATING ON AIR.

So I called my partner in crime, Syuddy, my sister. I've always faced my fears with her around. She fears nothing. And she said let's do it!

We chose to have dessert at 10.30pm instead of dinner because we have a sweet tooth too! It was like DITS Malaysia was meant for us. We've always enjoyed desserts in all the fine restaurants we've ever gone to. And the 'caterer' for the event is Hilton KL. Like, of course it's going to be super!

We were advised to be there 20 minutes earlier but we were ready to go about an hour before. Oh, and the best part was that everyone gets two free rides (up to RM60 per ride) on UBER. Unfortunately there was no UBER Lux around so we had to settle with UBER Black. Which didn't really matter because it took about 5 minutes to reach KL Tower from our apartment.

I'm going to be super honest with you, I was excited and felt super cool and brave until we were suspended in the air. I could feel that I'm high up the sky (very different than floating in a hot air balloon!). My sister and a few other guests were reclining their seats and having fun but I really could not lean back. I enjoyed my food tremendously and I could take the height but moving about up there made my stomach churn. But it was truly an amazing experience!

This small platform is what our feet is on. Shoes from Nine West.
The view directly under us.
She's enjoying the height.

The Dessert Menu

Wild Berries Tiramisu with Berries Melody

French Macaron with Elder Bellini

Crazy Hazelnut with Chocolate Duo

I can't choose which dessert is my favourite but the Elder Bellini was delicious! The Berries Melody is equally amazing with the mix of 5 berries with yoghurt. I just really enjoyed the desserts and I hope they'll have more DITS around Malaysia soon! I heard they have a 3-years license to provide air-borne dining experiences. If you haven't tried this, do go when you can because it's so worth it!

PS. I'm the worst food critic because I LOVE food! Lol.


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