Ramadhan Buffet Date at 9Kedondong


Hey guys,

I am a bit more active this month, in case you haven't noticed, because I have officially graduated! Results came out yesterday. And we are relieved! (And sad/nostalgic at the same time, of course!)

So the Husband and I decided to have an Iftar date because we have yet to berbuka with just the two of us. Sweet, right? So we went to 9Kedondong, a house turned event space located off Jalan Ampang. I really loved the place and concept. It's a nice place to host weddings as well.

Here's a picture of the walkway towards the eating area. I just HAD to take an OOTD because...you know...it's me! I'm wearing a black draped dress with a black and gold glitter cropped top inside. I was actually planning to don an abaya but there was none at the apartment at that time. So this is my innovative idea. Haha.

There are 9 stalls at the buffet! They have the usual white rice and Malay dishes (which I totally recommend if you're bringing foreigner friends!), they also serve nasi kerabu, all kinds of soup and soto as well as multiple choices of desserts: ABC, rojak buah, a few kinds of bubur as well as kuih-muih. My personal favourite stalls are the Roast Lamb and live-cooking kway teow goreng and mee mamak stalls. The Husband attacked the Cucur Udang like nobody's business.

As for drinks, my favourite was the Sirap Bandung but do take note that they DO serve other drinks as well such as hot tea and/or coffee and orange-sirap.

What you need to know about 9Kedondong's Ramadhan Buffet is that you can stay until late because not only do they provide a space for prayer, they also provide the Imam for Maghrib, Isyak and Terawikh prayers! So you don't have to rush at the all-you-can-eat buffet and take your sweet time instead. We felt we definitely got our money's worth.

The price of the buffet is RM55.00 net for Adults, RM28.00 net for children below 12. However, a child under 7 can eat for free! And for each table (10 pax) you get 1 pax free! For further information contact Haziq Zulkifly at 017-225 0705 and he'll be happy to sort you out!

9Kedondong, Jalan Kedondong Off Jalan Ampang HIlir 55000 KL    

At the buffet, as usual, in this small city called Kuala Lumpur, you will always meet someone you know! I was very happy and excited to bump into the Husband's cousins as well as fellow bloggers, Shazwani Hamid and Suraya Sulatin!


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