Let's Go to Japan with Yakult!


Contrary to popular belief, Yakult is not a kiddie drink. Yakult is a high quality probiotics in the form of a cultured milk drink. Each bottle contains over 30 billion live Shirota strain, which are the strongest strains of beneficial bacteria. These ‘good’ bacteria are good for digestion and immunity. They also help to reduce the production of toxins in our body as well as help maintain the balance of good and bad bacteria. Scientifically, Yakult is for everybody! It helps to maintain ones health.

Yakult is completely free of preservatives, stabilizers as well as artificial colouring, which explains the reason why Yakult has only one flavor.

Personally, I love drinking Yakult. Every time the Husband and I do our groceries, we would get at least 2 packs of Yakult, to drink in the morning with our cereal. This is part of our healthy eating regime.

Our healthy eating regime isn’t set in stone. We eat whatever we like but the Husband keeps count of our calories intake. However, we usually have cereal or an egg sandwich for breakfast with a bottle of Yakult after. Feeling good in the morning is a very important start toa great day!

And just in case you’re wondering, both Yakult Ace and Yakult Ace Light are certified halal by JAKIM. The company itself has formed a special Halal committee to ensure that all requirement of the Halal regulations are stringently adhered to.

Currently, Yakult is organizing a competition called, “Jom ke Jepun Bersama Yakult” (Let’s Go to Japan with Yakult) from 28th August – 15th October 2016.

The Grand prize is a 5 days 4 nights stay in Japan with Yakult Ambassadors, Schawalara and Nona TV3 crew. For this, the winners can bring another 2 persons with them! I say winners because Yakult will be choosing 3 winners for the Grand prize!

Besides the amazing Grand Prize, you can also stand a chance to win other amazing things a well! The list of the prizes are below:

First prize: Ipad Mini 4

Second prize: Shopping vouchers

Special prize: For every purchase of 100 bottles, an assortment of Yakult merchandise will be given.


First, buy a minimum of 20 bottles of Yakult Ace or Yakult Ace Light.

Secondly, you can download the contest entry form from www.yakult.com.my/nona-contest-terms-conditions/ . Photocopies of the entry form are also allowed. Fill up the form and create a slogan of not more than 20 words starting with “I love Yakult because...”

Thirdly, you have to send in the form with a valid proof of purchase which is the original plastic wrapper of Yakult Ace or Yakult Ace Light which has the complete barcode and expiry date via mail.

Fourthly, repeat these steps over and over again because aside from the slogan, judges will look at your accumulated total number of bottles purchased! So send in multiple entries for a better chance at winning a trip to Japan!

Head on to www.yakult.com.my/nona-contest-terms-conditions/ to find out more!

Good luck!

Having Yakult with my brothers after a morning workout session!

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  1. Wow didnt know about it. Must go get Yakult and wish me luck. Thx for sharing this info =)