The Mai Series: We are too busy dancing to get knocked off our feet


Our photoshoots only ever gets published one year later.

To celebrate Mai's 25th last year, Che Pah and I took her to Avillion Port Dickson and booked the Water Chalet. It was quite impromptu and it didn't break our banks. (Actually, that's because we checked in on a Sunday!)

We took off in the afternoon and did not go swimming despite buying a new bikini. We didn't get any sunset because of the rain. Instead, we spent time eating KFC & hot cup in the room and discussed about life while overlooking the sea on our balcony.

We took a stroll on the private beach in the morning and had Che Pah take a million pictures.

Che Pah, Mai and I go way back; since 2007. Twelve years of a loving friendship where we always find our way back to each other. Cheers to that!

And happy 26th, Mai-darling.

If there's one thing we both have in common, it's our love towards reading. We even share the same taste in books! Which are romance novels in case you don't know. All the feels and angst are what gets us going. Lol. 

We never could leave our books at home.


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