Look at the stars, oh, how they shimmer in the night.


So while 17th February marked our one month anniversary. Yes. One month. 19th February 2014 marked the Husband's 21st birthday.

To celebrate, I planned a surprise dinner for two at Marini's on 57. It's an Italian restaurant on the 57th floor of the Menara 3 PETRONAS.

A bit after dark, we head out to the restaurant, with the amazing view and delicious cuisine. Unfortunately, we didn't take pictures because we were too busy admiring the view and food. Ah, the food. But it's definitely on top of my list of good food within KL. Especially the dessert. Oh, the dessert! It was presented by the chef himself. I urge you to try the place, at least once. You won't regret it. (But your pocket will.)

Anyway, Happy Birthday & One Month Anniversary to the Husband! Love you lots!


Black Lacey Mermaid Dress : chantiquecloset
Sequined Bolero : somewhere in Wangsa Walk Mall, Wangsa Maju
Sweet Peach Waffaa Chiffon Shawl : waffaabywawa
Bag : Chanel
Shoes : Zucca
Photos by The Husband


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