Twirling around like I'm a Disney Princess, Belle.


Hello, dear readers!

This is my very first fashion blog post. *deep breaths* Here goes nothing!

As you all may or may not know, I have just recently, as in one month ago, gotten married. In the preparation for my wedding, my love for fashion became more obvious to me and everyone around me as I had a huge run around Kuala Lumpur in search for the best designer that suits me.

But I wasn't thinking about starting a fashion blog than either. I'll be honest here. My friends in Warwick and Sheffield University will be asking me what has gotten into me. And I've always thought it really isn't something I would do. 

Then, my sister-in-law talked me into it. 

So, this very first post of mine is dedicated to my darling SIL, Raja Nadia Sabrina, a gorgeous fashion blogger herself.

Recently, she pre-launched a clothing line, ARNADIA under GAYA Collective. In that period, they released 2 items which are the OLIVIA blouse and BELLE skirt. 

The Belle skirt comes in 4 colours: Yellow Mustard Grey Black.
It's design is to create a  big, voluminous and fluffy maxi skirt inspired by Belle's dress from Beauty and the Beast.

It's fun and and flowy. Oh, and it's so easy to pair with. Any kind of top would work!

I love it so much. You would too! I promise.


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  1. Wow..another star in da me suria..would love to see more from you..