Behind The Scenes : Modest Street Fashion by International photographer, Langston Hues (USA)


Kuala Lumpur is Langston’s 11th stop for compiling materials for his book. He has also travelled across America, as well as to Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, England, Belgium, France, Holland, Australia, Indonesia and Singapore. During his travels, Langston has been photographing modest street styles of hijabis and non-hijabis alike for his upcoming book.

This photography book, "Modest Street Fashion" will be displaying photos of people all over the world. I believe that this book will be a huge contribution to the Muslim community as well as the fashion world as he shares the positive teachings of Islam which is to dress modestly to the international fashion community.

I thought I was lucky enough to meet this Muslim International photographer at the Meet & Greet the other day. But on the way back to the in-laws, my SIL, Raja Nadia Sabrina, invited me to the shoot as they had one more slot. What shoot is this? The one that will be featured in Langston's upcoming book.

Obviously, I said yes.

I know, I'm so blessed to have such a sweet sister-in-law. She is beautiful both inside and outside. Thanks for inviting me, dear sister. I have no idea how to ever pay you back for everything you have done for me.

The photos are taken by her too!

So, here's a peep into my day of pretending to be a supermodel. Haha.

After every photoshoot, Langston will take a video of a short interview with the models. In this one, he asked about what Modest Street Fashion means to you. My answer was pretty long, although it started with something like, "A few days ago, nothing. Until I went to the Meet & Greet..."

With the Gaya team (Hasanah, RNadia Sabrina, Shima) & Langston

Lunch with the crew of Bella NTV7, Alex from Hijab2Go, Indah, Iman, Langston and Gaya team

With Nada, Indonesian model and fashion blogger. (Indah Nada Puspita)


Yellow Olivia Top : ARNADIA by GAYA
Pari-Pari Shawl : by Hasanah of GAYA, available at
Black 'ROCKS' Vest : My old closet.
Army Pencil Skirt : Borrowed from Nasha.
Black Heels : An engagement present from Abby.
Bag : Coach
Gold Belt : I don't remember where I got it. (sorry!)


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