Avon's Beauty Day Out


Avon's Naturals Collection include the daily bath products.
The ANEW White Range Facial Care Products.
Avon Malaysia, a leading cosmetic company, had invited me for a fun Beauty Day Out with bloggers. The event was a small exclusive event held at Royale Chulan Damansara. It was a rainy Saturday morning and I was actually too lazy to move but the event sound so exciting that I just had to go! Plus, I already said I was coming and I was bringing a friend as well!

We were seated in a U position, so we have a clear view of the tutorials. There were 2 sessions: Facial Care with Avon's ANEW White Range and Make-Up Tutorial with Avon's Over Nature Make-Up Collection.

The first session:
We received some of these as door gifts.
I'll be honest here. I don't really take care of my skin. Before the whole #syadhilwedding , I really took care of my skin but now, it's either I'm too lazy, I don't have the time or I tell myself, "I'm 20 anyway." But going to the Beauty Day Out definitely taught me a thing or two. I always started from the top of my head and work down to my neck. However, it should be the opposite. I also learnt an easier way to wipe off my make-up. It really works easy and fast. So I'm not so lazy to wipe off my make-up before I go to sleep now. And that fresh feeling after doing the whole face care routine? AH-MA-ZING!

Ever since then, I started to make it my daily routine again. Yay! Achievement!

Unfortunately, I can't share some of the photos here as our aurah was exposed a little. But I'll share the photos from the next session, OK?

Then came the second session: A Make-Up Tutorial with Najeeb Azami, Malaysia's Celebirty Make-Up Artist. I tell you, his make up is flawless. He was one of the MUAs I considered for my wedding. Unfortunately, I chose another MUA. Who did I choose and why? Find out soon!
Posing with our make-up kit with SizzlingSuzai
We received some of these as well! Both palettes are designed for different occasions. One is for day and the other is for night. I was so excited because Najeeb taught us how to do our day &  night make-up with just these two palettes! And now I have them, I can do it all the time! Although, actually, I wear they day make up at night too. I feel comfortable that way. Same look all day everyday.

I'll share with you one tip I learnt from Najeeb. There is no need for eyeliner. (Thank God, because those things are killer to remove) But mascara is a MUST. You can start taking out your eyeliners from the handbag and put in your mascara instead, ladies.
Najeeb in action
"Mascara is a MUST!" says Najeeb.
It was a morning of fun and learning. We, women, must know how to groom ourselves and keep ourselves clean and beautiful. Learning it from experts is the best way as they have vast knowledge and experience that they are willing to share with us.

Special thanks to Avon Malaysia for inviting me. I hope Avon will have more events like this in the future.

Here's a photo of me the next night, wearing full Avon's Garden Voyage Over Nature Collection to #aliashahzin 's wedding, applying what I recently learnt:
Wearing Pari-pari Shawl & Emel by Melinda Looi Baju Kurung

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