Injuries and other unfortunate things.


Hi, dear readers. 

I apologise for being on hiatus for a while. I was actually down with dengue fever and I was occupied with the start of the semester. It's been such a long and hectic February, I'm already looking forward to the holidays!

The dengue fever for me wasn't too bad. However, it did make my whole body feel weak, as if I worked out all my muscles the day before. But even with the fever, I continued with activities I have long planned for. I believe that our mental strength can overcome the physical pain. Waking up in the morning was difficult, though.

So while I still had fever, I was playing futsal with the girls. We're in training for a tournament that is coming up in March and I didn't want to let my team down. And I just LOVE playing futsal. I'm always happy and excited after every training. I've made progress as defender and I have a more effective control over the ball now, rather than before. It thrills me to be able to steal the ball from even out coaches.

Which gave me an injury. I sprained my ankle!

What happened was when others were to dribble around the cones and shoot, I was a cone. I was very focused and when the coach was shooting, I blocked the ball, it hit my ankle and then, I tripped on it. Now I am finding difficulties in using my left ankle. How am I going to ski tomorrow? Gah. Panic attack. I've put ice on it, so I hope it's okay. Do you have any tips on how to cure a sprained ankle? I would really appreciate the help. Thanks!

As you can see, Adlin and Qila are also on the team.


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