On Top of the World.


A few people have asked me, "Why Switzerland again?" considering that I've been there at least 4 times, including my honeymoon. I can never answer their question because to me, travelling is a blessing and wherever it may be, I am grateful to be able to travel. Alhamdulillah, I have been able to travel all over Switzerland, which is something not many people I know have ever done.

My family loves Switzerland because everywhere is a holiday. And we get to ski here! Of course, you can ski in Italy, France, USA, Japan, Canada and so many more places but I learnt to ski in the Swiss Alps and I love skiing here. InsyaAllah, if we have rizq, we will try skiing in other places.

My sister, the Husband and my brother relaxing after a ski session

For a bit of a background on my skiing: I learnt to ski in St. Moritz when I was 15. So far, I have skied in St. Moritz, Arosa, Murren, Zermatt, Engelberg and now, Saas Fee. This is very little skiing, compared to those that have done it for almost all their lives. Because we go to different mountains and therefore different slopes, we get instructors for our safety. Everyday, when we reach the end of the slopes, we'd see an ambulance. That's super scary.

Imagine this, you're up on the mountain, say 3000m above, and as you come down, on the right, it's the mountain, on the left, it's a cliff. There is no net or gate or any kind of safety anything. I remember being scared senseless the first time I was up in the mountain back in 2008. I have come a long way since then.

Unfortunately, as my sister and I were focused on our skiing and not flying off the slopes, we weren't able to get much photos. If you follow me on Instagram @syahirazakaria , I have posted a few videos of the view from the slopes. Here are some of the photos we managed to capture but photos don't do justice to the actual view though. So I do hope all of you that get the chance to ski or snowboard, would go for it. It's amazing!


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