#Nuffnang8irthday 's Breakfast at Tiffany's : My 60's Look


When I received the invitation to #Nuffnang8irthday , I had a moment of panic. The dress code was The 60’s. And I had no idea what to wear. And since I had exams, I only thought about it the night before.

The 60’s fashion is a huge range: The little black dress with pearls made famous by Audrey Hepburn and shift dress ala Twiggy. There are also the midi flare skirts, capes and tweed jackets. Patterns that were famous then include plaid, stripes and polka dots.

Being a hijabi, I decided to go with the flare skirt and cape because it’s much easier to cover up that way. Unfortunately, the cape I wanted didn’t arrive on time. Instead, I hung the cardigan on my shoulders like a cape.

My satin scarf is from Kloset Kita. I got it that Tuesday when I went to see the owner and my good friend, Yana. This was the only fully printed square satin scarf left. I had the idea to tie it up the French way. It was so easy although I haven’t worn the square scarf since so long. It felt like I’ve been transported back to my foundation year.

Dressing up was much easier for the guys. Ever since the olden days, men wore suits. The Husband did just that. He matched his beige suit with his blue slacks and he’s ready! Most of the guys wore suits at event as well.

On that note, I recall being at a few events where the best dressed awards would go to guys that wear something different. I find that the reason this is so, is because some youth of Malaysia don’t appreciate the value of the classic suit. Imagine a guy wearing a blazer and slack, would win over a proper classic bespoke black 3-piece suit. Similarly, a girl in baju kurung would lose to a girl in a dress. I say youth of Malaysia because these events that I am talking about are hosted by Malaysian youths. I wonder if this happens all over the world? Have you experienced similar situations? 

Overall, the party was really fun. I am very thankful to have the chance to meet veteran bloggers (that have been blogging for over 10 years!) and made new friends in the blogging community. As I have only been blogging since last year, meeting them has taught me a lot about the blogging community. Here are some photos at the event. We had a blast hanging out with #NuffnangMY !

With the gorgeous Mel, @sgrmse .
With @fillanie , veteran blogger of kasihaleeya.blogspot.com and @surayasulatin of www.surayasulatin.blogspot.com
With Mia Suraya of miasuraya.com (my cousin-in-law)


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  1. Yeay! Comment box dah ada. Hehehehe

    Dapat jugak jumpa and siap ada gambar dalam entry ni. Salam kenal Syahira :)

    Cantik hari tu, ingat you yang menang. Hehehehe

    1. Hi dear! Thanks so much for the compliment. You're so sweet! keep in touch, k?

  2. Hye sya!! Im farhana btw, have been stalking you since the day when nuffnangpremierscreeninf of demonic. I was there too :p (no worries I just stalk you in social medias lewls) . Btw you look amazing in your nuffnang party outfit <3 as a hijabist , you manage to stay elegant (claps) bravo ;)

    1. Hi Farhana! Ya ke? Next time, coma and say hi okay? thanks so much for the compliment <3

  3. You have to do a feature on your make-up that day, Sya! I thought your Twiggy inspired look was INCREDIBLE! I wanted to do the same.. Tak sempat. And I was going to do mine with mascara. LOL.

  4. I will, soon. You jadi model I la for the tutotial. HEHE :)

  5. Sya!!! Lawanyaaaaaaaaa (kiter) hahahahaha
    catch up soon ok? Miss u!