Roaming the Galaxy, Starting with France: One Year Anniversary Dinner Date


I've always wanted to go to Paris with the Husband and have a dinner date at 58 Tour Eiffel and then walk along the Seine river. So romantic! Our time has yet to come. Instead of my dream, we just stayed in KL and had fun enjoying our time together as we had a very busy schedule and also Ebby and Sha 's wedding was on our anniversary as I said on Celebrating #EbbySha 's Wedding on Our Anniversary.

The day started with the Husband not waking up because he was so tired. By lunch time, I decided to sleep too. He wanted to send me to a spa but sleep is the best treatment for me. I was afraid to go for a massage because I fell off a flight of stairs and hurt my back. I had a medical student and a medical officer to check my back in which the latter had advised me to go for physiotherapy and recommended some pain-killers. Which I didn't do. So, yeah, I ended up sleeping it off.

The Husband had reserved a table for us at a French restaurant in KL, La Vie en Rose. We've only been there once way back when we were food adventurers. The place is so romantic and it feels so...French. Tak dapat pergi France, pergi French restaurant pun boleh.

I was on a Galaxy Print shopping spree the week before, trying to find the perfect outfit. I found this One-sleeve Layered Galaxy Print Short Dress on Carousell, the new shopping app, for RM40. I was so ecstatic when it arrived that week! I now have a galaxy printed maxi skirt, top, short dress and jacket. If you are looking for a galaxy print anything, just leave a comment or email and I'll help you out.

I want to tell you guys about the year and how it's been super challenging to juggle everything from studies to marriage to work. I shall do that soon, I promise. But it's very difficult for me to share about the challenges I've had to face because I always want to see the bright side of things rather than the downside.

We didn't capture many photos as we were busy trying out recording videos. Hoping to create a new project soon! For now, do enjoy the very amateur Visual Vibe video.


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