THE FREE ICE CREAM PROJECT! Visiting orphanages & clinics.


Cornetto Malaysia is a sponsor for Taylor Swift's Red Tour in KL. And I am a big fan of hers. And if you eat enough ice creams and get the codes, you can win meet & greet passes.

But how do you eat over a thousand ice creams yourself?

I'm not so sure, and please, correct me if I'm wrong, perhaps those girls that reached 800 in two weeks, didn't eat the ice cream.

After a week of forcing ice creams down my friends' throats, my friends gave me an idea, which is to donate these ice creams to children who are not as lucky as us. They would love to have those ice creams that some people are just throwing away.

That's basically where the project started.

So I started with the Agathian Shelter. It's a foster home that houses 40 boys. We were supposed to join the Tutoring Thursdays by the Helping Angels but the classes ended early. We passed the box of ice creams to the caretaker and the boys had them for lunch the next day.

Unfortunately, as it was dark, the photos taken were barely visible.

On Saturday, Mai & Zaa (my fellow bridesmaids) joined me to visit Rumah Kasih Harmoni, Keramat. (Pertubuhan Kebajikan Kasih Murni) It's a foster home for 25 children under 12 years old that are orphans or from broken families.

When we came in, they were so excited to see us with ice creams! But we couldn't just give them free ice creams. They had to work for it! That was Zaa's idea. We had a pop quiz and whoever answered the questions or completed the tasks would get an ice cream. One of the boys, Harris, managed to get himself two ice creams!

We learnt a lot about the children from their caretaker. It was heartbreaking when we heard about it. Some of them were abandoned by parents who never came back for them. Some of them have no parents. And can't even imagine. I can't even bring myself to write about it because that's how much it saddens me.

A lot of us are so lucky to be blessed with so much. I am one of the lucky ones and I want to share my happiness with these children. I will be going around to other foster homes and children clinics as long as I can.

Please help me. Here are some ways:
1. Donations. Of anything. That I can pass to them.
2. Energy. Join me in this quest. It's not about free ice creams. It's about spending time with the kids. And giving them a time of fun and joy!
3. Suggestions. Tell me, where to next? I would love to reach out to as many children as I can.


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