Before #syadhilwedding Part I : The Majlis Merisik (The Proposal)


I've never talked about this day.

Some of my friends knew about this day.
Most of my friends didn't.

And I never posted about it anywhere.

Some of my friends found out through The Husband's family's social media.
Actually, a LOT of people found out about it from them.

My family and I didn't tell many people as we felt that it was something private between two families.

Here's what I posted on Instagram:

Here's what they posted:

I would also share with you the 'lovely' messages I got from my friends who were surprised to get the news from Instagram but I am now using a new phone, so I no longer have them with me.


Simple. Like, "Welcome to our living room!" kind of simple.
It's a 'Majlis Merisik'. It's for the families to get to know each other. You just can't do that in a formal way. It should be cozy and comfortable.

Special thanks to uncle Muzaffar and auntie Marzita for hosting the majlis (event).

What my family wore: Baju Melayu & Baju Kurung. To which some of my uncles protested. Formal wear at home, seriously? Well, my mother wasn't having any of that.

What his family wore: Peach.

And we were like.......

And that's when we started to have theme colours for the rest of our lives.


I wore a pink maxi silk jubah dress. It was something I had in my closet. The shawl is my mum's.


Bow down to Auntie Letty (Datin Ainul Ismail) for handling the amazing gifts. Such as the homemade so very delicious Red Velvet Cake which we felt like eating the moment we saw it! I had to hold the cake all the way from Subang Jaya to Cheras and that is no easy task. It was mouth watering and I had to keep reminding myself, "Don't eat it, Sya!"

Here's the lovely things The Husband and family had given to me:
Kain sepasang. (I already made it into a kebaya)
A box of Turkish delicacies. (My grandpa ate most of it! He put it in his pocket and all.)
And the ring, gold band. It is tradition for a gold band ring to be gifted at a Majlis Merisik.


I'm not going to put anymore photos as there is a collage in the video. This video was made two weeks before the wedding to be shown to guests at the reception.

I made the video. 

In the middle of exam week. In Wawa's room. Instead of studying.

 The photos were taken by my cousin, Amirul.
The video was taken by my younger brother, Danial.



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