Behind The Scenes : Syanelle Couture Photoshoot


Syanelle Couture is this online boutique that sells mostly shawls and sometimes, they release skirts as well. I've bought their tutu collection before. I wore it when I met Taylor Swift at her concert in Malaysia. Click here to read about the Meet & Greet which led to Taylor Swift dedicating Enchanted to me.

This time around, they are releasing a line of high-waisted printed flare skirts along with their plain shawls. The material for the shawl is amazing! We didn't need to iron it for the shoot and I only needed 2 pins as the material is the type that easily stays in its place. Do check out @syanelle_couture on Instagram for their latest line of skirts and shawls like the one I was wearing in this shoot.
The photoshoot was at Cokerlat Studio, PV128. It's one level above Fuzana Mokhtaza, one of my wedding dress designer. Which reminds me, I have to update more about #syadhilwedding ! After Raya, I promise it'll be more frequent. This past few weeks have been so filled up with work and going to visit my parents and grandparents and Raya shopping! I've also been spending less time online and I have finished reading more than 4 books now. I have so many books I haven't read at the back of my car. Brought it from Ipoh but since I'm always on the move, I thought I'd just bring them with me.

Anyway, one of my Ramadhan activities is modelling for Syanelle Couture's latest line. They had their own in-house MUA, and no surprise, it's my dear friend Eli again! I was happy because Eli also did my make up for my recent photoshoot for Ida Ibrahim by Middle East Glam. Click here to read about the behind the scenes of #MEGphotogenicmodelphotoshoot for Ida Ibrahim by MEG.

This shoot was a one on one shoot although there were four models. I went first as I had arrived earliest. I also got to choose the skirt I was to model. I didn't know what to choose! Everything was beautiful. At first I was going to go for the black and white floral skirt but I realised that I have too much black and white in my life being a law student and all. So I chose another one instead.
Eli in action!
Oops! You can see the lining here. Tee-hee!
Sarah wanted a lively laughing photoshoot. I wanted to dance in the skirt but since the material was light and easily sweeshed here and there, you can see my legs if I wasn't careful. Ooops! Hihi. The shoot was super fun and I loved that I could be myself for this shoot. I mean, I even look like myself! That's really rare during photoshoots.

After my shoot, Nadia and I had taken group shots. However, as everyone was busy, we were unable to catch the shoot from my DSLR. But we did manage to get a shot with our boss for the day: Sarah. Thank you, Sarah, for giving me this fun and wonderful opportunity!

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