Before #syadhilwedding Part V: 'Till The Very Last Second


Are you ready for this?

This is post is about the last moments before The Husband and I tied the knot. From the morning of our aqad on 17th January 2014, to the very second before I walked down the stairs.

Deep breaths.

Before I begin, I should warn you that my memory is all fuzzy. I didn't plan for stylebysya to happen. And I certainly had not planned for this post to be here. So bear with me here, everything might be all jumbled up.

I remember waking up with Maisyarah with me. She stayed over since the night before, up till the night after the Ipoh reception. She's the behind the scenes maid of honour. Ensuring that everything is going smoothly for me. She even fed me when I was touching up my henna. Good times, eh? Mai even helped me with the guestbook corner, which I decorated and made myself!

I wore a white dress, for no reason...and boy, did I regret that! All the elderly said something about losing the bride 'glow'. Although, I don't know how you can lose the 'glow' after 3 different spa treatments. We went to the hair saloon and did our hair to get the 'glow' back, if you believe in those things. It was fun and it was really a way of my mum getting me out of the house before I do anything rash. Like, play with baby Dhia until I'm tired half an hour before my make up starts. Which...I did.

Everyone was arriving. Everyone was there. I couldn't stay out of everyone's hair. I'm the bride. I had to put on the merisik and engagement video for all my uncles and aunts and granduncles and grandaunts. Some of them haven't seen the video and they got all excited and happy when they watched the video which got me all excited too!

I was restless that day.

When I could finally seat down and sleep, my MUA arrived. I had eye bags.


So my mum did her make up first while I lay down with cucumber slices on my eyes. Fuuhhhh. SAVED!

And I ended up looking like this:
Look at my henna! Isn't it pretty?

A few of my friends arrived while I was getting ready. They helped run around while I had to sit quietly on the couch.

My photographers and videographers arrived before nightfall. And they were loads of fun! One of my videographers was the photographer for my MUA. And my photographer has worked numerous times with her as well. So there was like a mini reunion in the bridal room.

We had a photoshoot and videoshoot before the groom and his posse came. But more on that soon!

When he arrived, I was upstairs hiding behind a wall on the balcony spying on everyone. There was just me, my sister and my four flower girls. Yes. I spied on the groom from my balcony hoping no one would notice the girl in white (veil and sequins included)! And nobody did! HAH!

But you know what that means? (Him arriving, I mean) It means that it's almost time for me to come down. And THAT was nerve wrecking. be continued.

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