Traditions : Pretty Pastels


We all know how much I am into bright and bold colours. But the night before Raya (or really, the whole of Eid) I decided to go for pastel hues instead as it is my first Raya as a wife and I would like to pose a sweet and modest impression on our elders.

In my family, during Eid, we will always opt for a traditional look. This year, I decided to follow in my family trait.

This hand-painted batik kurung screams traditional with a modern touch. I fell in love with this design when I saw it on piecesbyraeesa's instagram a year back. I ordered this piece early this year, determined that I'll wear it for Raya.

Alas, I wore it to the Husband's family's annual event the night before Raya.
Hand-Printed Batik Modern Kurung : piecesbyraeesa
Lilac Shawl : #pariparishawl by Hasanah Hilmi
Lilac Stilettos : Kiss & Tell Shop

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