The Raya Tour de Kampung Part III : A Fruity Balik Kampung


The second day of Raya started a bit late. The reason for this is that my family's car got broken into while it was parked for the night in Johor. And when my dad saw the car, he wanted to go fix the smashed window.

Then, it started to rain. But at least he found a place to put a plastic cover, taped as a temporary window to secure the Raya Tour. This isn't the first innovative ideas we've had to pull for Eid. Last year, the side mirror shattered. We taped a mirror with layers of cellophone tape to survive the week.

The Raya Tour turned out well as we headed off to Seremban. On the way, we stopped by my dad's aunt's house somewhere near Pontian. The roads were smaller than our usual roads. And there were some rumah kayu around the area. My grandaunt's place is quite modern. Although the bathroom is outside of the house. I am not kidding. Basem and Hazem were pretty surprised by it. But this is Tour de Kampung!

The house is surrounded by trees that bare fruits. Pulasan, bananas and mangosteen, to name the few that we picked. And it wasn't just fun for Basem and Hazem, the Husband had a great time too!
A banana tree
Pulasan and rambutan. Similar and delicious!
It was certainly a fun day for the boys. Maybe when all the fruits are in season, I'll bring them to my grandfather's orchard. They would enjoy that, wouldn't they? I would enjoy the fruits after they do the labour. MUAHAHAHA!

Hazem modeled for the Husband as they took billions of photos. My hard disk is now filled with their photos! It's kind of cool. The step-by-step of how to eat mangosteen. Some people actually don't know how to get mangosteen. There are two ways: Climb the tree or use a galah. The boys used a galah.
Step 1: Squeeze it until there's a break.
Step 2: Pull it apart.
Step 3: Look at the beautiful fruit!
Step 4: Enjoy!
After they had their fruit adventure, we went in to have tea. You cannot stop by a house and not eat. It's rude. During Eid, we must eat at every stop we make. It's delicious everywhere anyway!
Washing their hands in the bowl of water.
FOOD! It was so delicious, at the end of it, we couldn't get off the floor!
This raya tour was super fun as many things were a first for Hazem and Basem, as well as for the Husband. He enjoyed the Raya tour so much, especially for the food. Every house had their own specialty dish and we showed our appreciation. Hihi.

After this meal, we headed off to Seremban but we stopped by this petrol station. A classic one, no credit cards accepted and no 7Eleven. And then, we were on another super long journey. If I can afford a helicopter, I will be flying during Raya just to avoid traffic. Imagine this: I can't even stand the 5pm traffic in Kuala Lumpur and I was stuck in traffic in the middle of the highway. Gosh. It was a mental torture.

By the time we arrived in Seremban, it was 11pm at night and Baby Dhia was asleep already. I think I fainted of exhaustion too.

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