A New Direction


Today, is a hectic day. This week. Has been a hectic week. And I am so very exhausted. I keep thinking, next week, I'm back on campus, sitting in class, most probably scribbling a bunch of nonsense on a piece of paper where I'm supposed to write down names of cases and the principles. But I haven't had enough of the holidays. Or maybe, I've had too much of it.

I cannot imagine myself attending class every single day, starting at 8AM and ending at who knows when after this hectic month I've had.

I'm not a part time student, only on campus once in awhile. I am a law student. My life, during the semester is supposed to be dedicated to the law books. And yet, I find myself filling up my calendar, even on weekdays, even during classes.

But I realise, that I cannot do this anymore.

I owe it to my scholarship and my internship with a 4-years contract. That's for sure.

So, I would like to announce to you, my dear readers, that I promise to blog at least once a week. But it will no longer be how it used to be. It will still be about fashion, of course! And #syadhilwedding has yet to be finished. I will also tell you about whatever that is interesting about my days in college, like futsal. Or debate. Or my one-hour lunch break that I managed to go to Hartamas and come back on time for the crazy lecturer's class.

I want you to get to know me. The real me. I'm no girly girl. I do not wear make-up to class. I'm a great defender. I read about the world. I care about the world.

Oh, and I'll be conducting a project for stylebysya called "Project Fashion-Intellect" but I'll explain about it soon. Looking forward to the last week of holidays.


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